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10 June 2010


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

Love it, Sue! Posted a link to it on my Junkologie blog. :)


Sue what a LOVELY post.... :o) !

If even a SMALL part of you rubs off on your nearly 5 year old pseudo niece, I hope it's an understanding that's it's OK to admire imperfection....!!

LOVE that you discovered the illustrations after all this time....NO....They don't make things like THAT any more....!!

Tamarah :o)


A relative sold antique and estate jewelry. One time some people looked in the store window and one of them loudly exclaimed "Why would anyone buy stuff worn by dead people"? He walked off quite quickly when he realized the store owner heard him--and was laughing. Obviously this person had no appreciation for age and craftsmanship. The previous owner may be deceased, but they treasured the item when they owned it.


I love your way of expressing why you love old things. I posted a link back from my blog about old things.


Give her some pink and sparkly vintage rhinestone jewelry or a vintage beaded evening bag for her birthday. That type of "old stuff" might make her a junk lover for life!


I've been told more than once by a child to give 'em something new-haha. Love, love, love that you found a vintage easter egg in your book binding. Old bindings are amazing...


I was also going to suggest that you find something old and pink that you think might appeal to her. Even if it doesn't change her mind now, you never know what the memory of it will spark someday!! My 4 yr. old granddaughter likes my old millinery and floral teacups and especially a vintage fancy pink easter basket.

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