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17 August 2010


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

Wow! Who knew? I wouldn't have guessed it was your booth, but I love it! Now, tell me...what's the history on that "Welcome Buddy" flag? And how much is it?


Good luck! I am attracted to all this mantique stuff too...it must be the other side of things...I kind of like the contrast! Sort of the rough luxe idea...:)

Elizabeth Holcombe

You new booth looks "mantastic!"~~~XXOO, Beth

debbie york


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Sue, I definitely think you're onto something. You've got fab stuff in your new booth. I just didn't see any dead animals, so you might want to pick up a few of those. p.s. were you thinking of being a vendor at Silver Bella? - I'm going to be there

lulu redstar

GURL...I can feel the testosterone and smell the High Karate coming through the Wi-Fi now! It looks good. I think Sue's right about dead stuff...and horns...oh and those naughty little drinking glasses with the scantily-clad ladies...oh I could go on.
I have the some great stuff I need to rid myself of...email me and we'll figure it out! I AM SERIOUS! xoox


Dang..there you go, teasing me with that red leather (?) chair. Excuse the drool.


Hey Sue! It turned out great! The men won't know what hit um when they are hauling stuff out of your booth by the wheelbarrow full...hey maybe you need to find a wheelbarrow for in there?
You'll do great!


I love it! I guess that "mantiques" is my current style too.


I'm a chica but I love the mantiques too. Hopefully, you will find lots of other similarly-minded shoppers out there.


Hi Sue,
I think it's wonderful that you are embracing your inner man, man. The "mantiques" market is an untapped demographic. In my shop I have a "dude area". Men who are forced to shop with the missus seem to appreciate that we offer a little something for them like rusty old army helmets, tools, and fedoras.

Second Hand Chicks


Suela - don't know anything about this "junque" but I do like the idea of the mantique corner and the booth does look Mantastic as someone already said. Nothing like a little manscaping to reel in a different shopper. I like it. Of course me not being a froo froo chick, I guess you'd expect that. Hope it works for you.

See you!!


Linda @ A La Carte

Looks great and good luck!! I know many who would love to shop your booth!


Hey, brown can be swell. Right now I have an Ethan Allen BROWN table sporting an old globe and hanging judge law books and a long old yard goods table with a cool Formica top and old BROWN yardstick attached, all in the same dang booth!

Seriously, your dressers and that metal painted cupboard thing are just peachy, and the Buddy banner is icing on the cake.


I do! I wish you luck! Keep us posted. I love to look at that stuff in booths honestly. :)

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