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21 November 2012


Eleanor and Kerry

Sue - Sorry that you have been ill!!! And overly busy!!! I hope you are on the mend. I was wondering where you have been. The booth looks good - no worries. I am going to add a few sprigs of greens to ours on Friday, if I can get through all the shoppers there for the big sale... Take care and take your vitamins!

Beth Leintz

Sue- I'm in the same boat (but no cold). I have plenty of junk I should be pricing for my booth or listing on Etsy...



Hope you feel better soon! I have the same need to go out and get more when I have more than enough at home. It is an illness I enjoy! :>)
Happy Thanksgiving!


The cold from hell has been making the rounds here, too ... sorry to hear you've been sick. I would be happy to decorate your booth for Christmas. Maybe I could hire myself out? Will work for junk?


Booth looks great. Restrained holiday decorating--way to go! My mom used to always say you need to "force the fluids" when you've got a lingering cold. Sounds vaguely scandalous now. In any case, swig down the Emergen-C; it's a cure-all!

Bohemian Valhalla

I Hope you're soon feeling well enough to get back to the Thrill Of The Hunt! I've decorated my Showroom with Globes and oversized Commercial Letters for the Holidays too... but mostly because I was unable to source enough quality Vintage Christmas Inventory to want to Style with... guess everyone around here in holding onto theirs? So... the few items I did have flipped fast, way before Thanksgiving and I haven't had the desire to re-stock or tap an already lean budget during the Holidays for stuff to Sell. I know... this is the time when Sales would be highest so I shouldda gotten into gear, I just didn't have it in me either... maybe I'm down and need a Medic too... or maybe I just ate too much Ham... I dunno?

Dawn... The Bohemian

karen (piecespassed.blogspot.com

I need to make it to your store one of these days...I see so many things I WANT!! LOL! It does me no good to see them on a screen when I want them this bad!!!


What a fun travel holiday ,to go to stores that have lots of neat things to buy even though I don't need anything more in my house.
Thanks for sharing

Bob Power

I love your site and I too love vintage items. I will be back fr more.

Scott heim

I'm looking for help to identify the source of an antique stool that I just purchased. Any ideas as to where to start?

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