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31 December 2012



I do not think I have bought more than a couple things inside a case in 30 years of shopping antiques. I breeze right past them. Happy new year, Mary


I have only once bought something from a glass case...and I think my husband has bought one thing from a glass case. I don't like them for all the reasons you state, even though I know why they are there. When I see row upon row of glass cases in a mall and that's all they have, I'm out of there...don't even look. Wishing you more success with placing those items in your etsy and in your booth. I like your philosophy -- if it's stolen you know it was something someone liked, but rather the sales you make by having things open than the sales you don't make because people don't even bother to look. Happy New Year!


It has to be the glass cases because your items are great. I would look at them all (and purchase a few) if they were in an open booth. Would pass them right on by if they were behind glass.


DITTO DITTO DITTO. Now,from my own experience, the only successful, mall glass cases I ever was in had about 8 of them and the staff was very, very helpful and I did extremely well with them. So glass cases can work in a mall setting. However, the large malls that have 25+ or more cases, I don't even bother looking. You can never find staff to assist you and they are a bit huffy about the whole process of opening a case. It really comes down to staff support for me. If they aren't happy to open a case for you, why should you be delighted to have one opened. Too bad, really, because they are missing a great sales opp for the store and the dealer.


As a buyer, I totally agree about glass case "turn-off." There is a antique store somewhat nearby that is 85% glass booths-- needless to say, I rarely, if ever, go in.


Great idea to get all those fabulous treasures moved over to your Etsy shop where they'll be appreciated. I don't like having to stand on my head to read a price tag or take the time to find someone to open the cabinet. I think there's a preconceived idea that anything behind a locked door is too expensive anyway. I'm sure everything will find a new home once they're out of lock down. Happy New Year!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Ugh, can't stand the glass booths and I'm only ever a shopper. Your things will do fab on Etsy! Move 'em out!


Absolutely agree! When I see items in a glass case, I assume they're out of my price range and walk right by!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Major Ditto.....this will totally be a non-issue in your Etsy shop.

Donna Boss

Thanks for the case up-date, I've been in a mall since August and just put in a case last month for my repurposed jewlery and art. Sold one piece so far, but I'm already thinking of moving it to a less prominant spot if I can't justify having it be the focal point that it is now. I do make sure that the prices show, since that's one of my pet peeves. There's a lot of cases in my shop, and I make it a point to open them for the slightest curiosity, it helps just to get the conversation going with the customer.


Agree wholeheartedly so I took the doors off my case and don't bother selling really expensive stuff. An easy and cheap way to remedy the situation and a great and cheap way to add advertising for my own store! Expensive stuff I'd do on ebay or etsy just cuz ya get more viewers.

Cindy Is Crafty

Two more reasons to ate glass cases:

Sellers that turn the price tags down so you cannot see the proce of the item.

When you locate someone to open the case to show you the item, you have forgotten where the case is.

kristi day

I had a glass case for a short time, too, for vintage jewelry even though I detest glass cases. I ended up trading my case for an end cap by my big space and brought my jewelry home. Maybe I'll remember I have an etsy shop sometime soon! I think I sold only a couple of items the entire time I had the case.


Here's a compromise, although I don't have many sales to back it up: Put things that are not necessary uber expensive but that are fragile in a tabletop display case - without a lock. It helps deter the people who have to touch everything (like me) without losing the serious shoppers.


When I was at the antique mall I left my glass case open, and my sales were always strong. I had only one problem with a switched price tag, and there might have been one or two little things that vanished ... it was fine for the mid-priced, not-easy-to-stick in your bag items. I was shopping there Monday and noticed that 95 percent of the cases were locked ... it was such a deterrent to me. There were a few things that I'd have loved to taken a closer look at, but it just wasn't worth looking for a staff person (and this place has good help). It's just not an inviting way to sell or buy.


Hate locked glass cases. Mainly because most dealers cram as much as possible in them so your eyes have a hard time focusing on any one item. When they are nicely displayed I will look, but only if I have time after shopping the booths.


Totally agree, what a funny post. I ABHOR locked cases (and not because I want to steal something).

But for the very reasons you stated......I would never consider having any items in a locked case.

Sami Pat

Well..I buy from glass cases. For my personal collections what I am looking for is usually in a showcase. I understand the complaint but as a long time seller in malls and at shows,I can only say it is necessary to protect one's investment. At shows, we always had plenty of buyers who waited for the case to be opened. Price tags were always facing upward.


As a buyer, I also have issue with glass cases mainly for the reasons Cindy is Crafty mentioned. I absolutely can't stand having to hunt someone down because I can't see a price tag only to have to say "No,thanks..." when I see it is out of my price range. The impulse to buy disappears when I can't see the price. Facing tags so customers can see them will help the most, IMHO.

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