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12 December 2012



Hahahahahaa! That's too funny! Sadly I doubt they felt foolish.....

Peggy Jennings of Gramma's Linen Closet

My husband has a special VA note that explains all the shrapnel he still "carries" with him courtesy of his time in South East Asia (which, sadly, he cannot unload into the little bin they give you before you go through the xray machine). Maybe we "junkers" need a special ID that says "Certified Junker: May be carrying unusual items in luggage."


You are not alone -- my husband got searched once for an old wrench in his suitcase. I always get stopped as I have artificial hips - the scariest was the Paris airport, when they confiscated my passport!! Like the idea of a special ID!! Sally


Yep. It's pretty much pro-forma for me, too. Last time I traveled to BC I found a dozen antique zinc & bronze flower frogs at a going-out-of-business florist's sale. I felt a little, um, judged by TSA workers who didn't seem to think my prizes were special. There are times when I think I'd just like to throw something scandalous in my luggage so that TSA folks could at least a) get a kick out of their extra effort, or b)feel a bit slimy for invading my flower frog privacy.

J. J.

I was once carrying a gorgeous little half-round glass frame in my carry-on, but the base that made it stand up was made of twisted wire... a total red flag and invitation for extra screening. I allow extra time when carrying "suspicious" items. I was also once stopped for carrying metal snowflakes that MAYBE looked like something else... throwing stars??? It was Christmastime too.


Maybe they were young and had not experienced the glories of bicycle horns in their technologically enhanced youths?


I think I mentioned this before, but a year or two after 911, I got stopped and searched for carrying a Shasta (RV) logo in my carry on. It had those three points, and frankly, I could probably have done some damage with it. The only reason I think the guy let me keep it was because the visit to my folks had ended with bad news and I started crying when he asked me what it was. I was so overwrought I guess he didn't want to deal with me.

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