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21 December 2012


julie thompson

I love paint-by-numbers too but have never found a really good one. My one-mile commute isn't nearly as good as yours but I do take my kids by the creepy exorcist house here in St. Louis.


A mural sized paint-by-number? That's genius. I think I have the actual version of that painting or one very like it (mine is only about eight inches wide ... why do I not have it out?)


I have 47 PBN paintings--I would KILL to have that store display!

You should go in and see if you can buy it after the holidays are over.

I am going to see if the BB by me has the same window!


That store display is amazing!!!!

kristi day

I have a friend in Houston who is an artist. I have a friend in Dallas who collects PBNs. I'm trying to hook them up so he can do a long PBN in their hallway, partially filled in and partially just the shapes with the number. I think that would be so swell. And if they don't do it soon, I'm so going to have him do it somewhere in my house! I'm going to forward your blog post to him... xo


Oh Georgetown...so pretentious. We went when we were visiting family in NOVA this past October. The only thing that I really liked was CB2 and all of the fabulous window displays. That paint by number set up is freakin awesome and I love love love the night stand! Also, bummer that you have such a wicked commute! That place is nuts!

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