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27 January 2013



It's true...that actually happened. We, on the advice of a stranger hanging out in front of a bar, ventured down an alley to an unmarked building full of cages (!) due to a vague promise of dirt cheap, antique junk. Fortunately, we came away with a carload of goodies, and we were not shipped off in a cargo container and sold to the highest bidder. From now on, I'll be doing drive bys there to see if they have more good stuff. Thanks again for the fun day, Sue!

Kim @ Vintage Pretties

Amazing finds!!! I'm glad that you guys weren't shipped off in a cargo container :)

Karen G

Wow amazing. That is what keeps us going, the possibility of a big score where the items are awesome and the prices can't be beat...they almost pay you to take their "junk" away. congrats.


So will you be selling the Girl Scout pennant on Etsy????? :-)


I can't even imagine someone saying "you are already up to $14"...what a windfall! Good for you!!

laurie magpie ethel

High five to the woman who came out of the restaurant and told you to head down the alley...nineteen bucks...well done!


Hahaha! Great haul and great story! I'm glad you guys made it out ok. :)

The Junk Drunk

What a great blog and a wonderful post. We've been passing the winter with a little Armchair Junking:

Curtains In My Tree

How funny up to $14.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Little did he know that was not even change for us junkers, maybe $1400 we need a notice !! LOL

love the Girl scout pennant, since I was a girl scout Back In The Day, 1958


Just the kind of sale we all dream of...just makes you smile wide, doesn't it?

What is that tall metal piece with the carrying strap, asked nosy Nora?


Thanks for this.

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