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17 February 2013


Kim @ Vintage Pretties

Your booth is chock full of great stuff! I'm sure that it will be practically bare by April.

I'm also missing the fleas. I'm going to check out the BF in March to get back into it!


THANK YOU! You don't know how I needed that pep talk.

kristi day

I need to work on my etsy shop. I re-upped the expired listings. Does that count?!


Uh oh...looks like I have to go shopping at your Etsy shop. No yard sales around here and the thrift shops haven't had anything irresistable lately.


Auctions! all of them and if my regular hosts aren't holding one I search online like a buzzard scavenging. There are more auctions going on from September to May I'll say than in the summer months and some have great junk for the person who has an eye for it while others are checking the big ticket items.


I first said it when I read your amazing etsy article and you selflessly gave up an evening to critique my hours old etsy shop, but I'm working my way through the right side of this blog and again...you're blog is SOOOO educational!
I can build and decorate you a house or heart stopping garden, even help you get around the show pen on a top notch quarter horse...that one probably doesn't interest you;), but I've intentionally stayed out of the "selling business". Now that I'm putting my toes in the water with my etsy shop, I've got a lot of catching up/ learning to do.
Your blog has single handedly done more to wrinkle my brain for learning than you can imagine.
It's not all about shop owning ...you're changing my world.
March on sistah, and I can't wait to get my church signs from Vintage Rescue Squad:)

Kiona Blandin

can you please tell me how much the pussy willow chart is? & what would shipping be to Canada are code v9L 6g7? Cheers


Ok, those mammal charts might have to be mine! I wish I could come dig around your booth.

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