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04 March 2013


debbie york

Coises...foiled again.
I won't get to see you this spring. Make that double coises!
I'll mark a spot for you to know I was thinking about you. Look for it.

Kim @ Vintage Pretties

Bummer! I was hoping that you'd taken Hippo home. But, those prices are steep...


that is a awesome hippo - glad you at least got a pic to share!


Oh, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that booth, it was that amazing. I had a chat with the dealer-- he's going to try to be back for the May Big Flea, but he made no promises.

I am seriously broke from moving right now, so I sadly couldn't take one home, but I'm hoping I'll have enough pennies saved by May, and that he'll be there.


Oh my gosh! I would have cried while walking away. Those biology charts are so cool!

Melissa's Antiques

Did he have otters? I've recently become obsessed with them! They should be the new owl!

Vicki Potter

If that was Lothar's booth, "Favorite German Antiques", he has a great shop in Leesburg, and a space in the Garden House at Chartreuse. He has great stuff.

On another note, I got into the Spring Market at Chartreuse in April, come see me Sue.

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