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26 December 2013



Yeah, I would have just done the slice and bake pillsbury thing and then cut them out with the cookie cutters AFTER they came out of the oven and were slightly cooled......but you're right, your SEO is better and that's how you sell on etsy!
Cute cookie cutters.


they look great! good idea........and if they sell and you can package it carefully, send a real cookie with the cutters....


While reading this I kept thinking you had sold them. My thought was the customer was mad because your picture showed cookies and there were none in their package. This must happen on ebay because when some one puts a coin next to an item to show a comparison they always state coin is not included. Your blog makes me smile every time I really enjoy reading all your stories.

Melissa's Antiques

I love your posts! They always make me laugh. :)


They looks awesome! I've always wondered if the Pillsbury dough would work that way...bummer that it didn't turn out. It would be soooo much easier!


This made me laugh out loud! The trouble we will go to to sell something for a few bucks never fails to amaze me--I do it, too!

Donna Goff

I am laughing so hard, because I tried to do this last week with my kids, thinking that the slice and bake would work just fine...I ended up with an entire cookie sheet of sugar cookie blob!! I would be inclined to buy these cutters if I did not know that I would actually have to make the dough from scratch...Merry Christmas Sue!


This is amazing. I got this very set of cookie cutters for Christmas from one of my best friends, and I was THRILLED to death. (Because I'm a cutout cookie kind of gal.) I'm making cow cookies over the weekend, and if they are a success, I will HAPPILY point buyers your way. A+ on your effort.

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