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18 December 2013



Great post! I can completely, thoroughly relate. And I'm unrepentant!


Oh my goodness. YES, YES, and YES! It's all true. And damn right we're dedicated! Dedicated and a bit nutty, but that's what makes us fun.
The Husband asked me yesterday if I really needed to go to the thrift store. And I said the same thing, define need! Duh, of course I need to go.

Melissa's Antiques

Oh my goodness, I definitely have a similar thought process. My home is a definite testament to my dedication. I get made fun of for it by my friends who don't understand it.


FROM SUE: You let friends in your home? Those days are long gone!

Do you love him Loretta (Arda)

OMG 'My home is a testament to my commitment' has to be the BEST LINE EVER!!! My husband would pee all over my testament if he read that!


"I've got plenty; why buy more?"

Laughed out loud. Ha!


OMG! Just found website! Enjoying looking at all the stuff I saw before!

Last summer we spent déjà king parents house to ready for sale after mom died! Friends helped some, but it was me and sister doing the bulk of debunking...had to pay to rid the place of junk! Salvation Army came three times, didn't believe we had so much! Now, I am monitoring what we place in our home, as we have no kids to clean after we're gone! Mom and dad had fun collecting!

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