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01 January 2014


Carol Faught

Oh, sisterchick, I SO am on the same page with you on numbers 1, 2, and 3! I also LOVE scales. I finally sold a darling baby scale I'd had in my booth for months, during my current holiday season sale. After commissions, etc. I didn't even break even. Sigh...what is WRONG with people! :) Can't they grok how fabulous our stuff is?

Also with the magazines - I confess, I'm a junkie. But I agree with you on every point - a lot of them ARE lame, and I also have bought the same one more than once, to my dismay. They aren't cheap! I'm letting some of my subscriptions expire. For a time, I subscribed to practically every decorating magazine out there. One look through something like "Veranda" and I'm done in 5 minutes. Ultra ritzy megabucks decor bores me to tears. Even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't want to live like that!

Keep at it with the destashing - you can do it! I've been working on mine for some months now, and I can see progress. It's encouraging. I now have space for more stuff :)

THANK YOU for this blog - I absolutely love it. I check almost every day to see if you've posted something new.

Love from Tulsa,


I hate that your scales don't sell! I love them and would probably snatch one right up if I ever saw it.
Good luck with everything! Kick that junks ass!
Oh, and Junk Bonanza, GLORIOUS!!! I'm hoping to go again in September.


De-stashing is big on my list as well! I did a little over Christmas break. My goal is to not have a storage unit by the end of the year! It started out as a "warehouse" so I could take back my garage. The garage is full again...just got to get rid of some of this stuff!


Sue, has it been 7 months for your new shop! Yes! I remember when you were moving, I had just opened, a small case in my little town. Well, I got news today, that a larger space is finally available, and I'm taking it. You, have helped me sooooo much in so many ways. Now, is the time to scream....NOOOOOO....stop while you can. Well, I'm waiting...I haven't heard you say no, so I'm going ahead! Keep filling that etsy shop, everyone laughs at my church signs I bought from you. And this latest blog entry will go in my back pocket, along with the one on having and etsy shop, too! I just completed my first year on etsy. I had No Way of anticipating, November. What a learning experience! Thanks as always! Laura


The thing about etsy in my experience is you have to work on it constantly- list list list allll the time. Shop visibility does rely on a shop always having new stuff go in, it's how their searches choose what's more relevant when everyone's relevant. If I don't list, I don't sell.

I used to be addicted to home decor mags in the 90s. Now I buy maybe 1 a month, and it's usually an English one. I'd like to be a photographer for a country homes magazine anyway so I pretend it's research.

Purging is wonderful! I threw 3 huge boxes full of stuff at the thrift last month, and I am ready to give them another one now. Sometimes I think my real dream job is to help junk dealers declutter.

Wendy Beaulieu

My husband said no more magazines. They are all over the house. I know I can get an online subscription to most of them but I love paper. seriously, I have southern living magazines since 2009 but I can't bring myself to throw them out.

Carol Faught

One thing I have done with the magazines is to take an hour or two and look through a stack of them one more time, then box them up and take to church to give away. There are lots of women who don't/can't spend the money to buy them and are THRILLED to get them. I can't stand to throw them in the recycle bin! If you have doctor appts, that's another good place to leave a stack of them.


damn girl ..i think you may be my twin..
i too have dreams of farm chick, and junk bonanza... and the magazine thing...i have to say i have stopped..yes stopped ..and it feels so good..you can see anything you want to see online ..i know it's not the same ...but it takes up so much less room..haha(and i too would buy multiple copies not realizing i already have it ..and then ..haha read it again !!


Regarding the Junkin' Bucket List... are you ruminating any bit on coming far west and visiting us at Goat Hill Fair??!! You've got fans, and we'd love to meet & greet! Consider it...truly :-)

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