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05 January 2014



I second both your resolutions for Flea Market Style and Curbside Junk Days. My city does not have curbside junk days either and I love Flea Market Style Mag.


I love it! Those are all perfect for me too! Especially the Daily Flea Market Style magazine! LOL! karen...


I soooo agree on the curbside recycle. I live in Yorktown, Virginia, and EVERYTHING great seems to end up in the trash. When I take a load to the dump, I see great things peeping from the dumpsters. Don't tell, but I actually traded my trash for a great piece one time (I will deny this in court). It is ridiculous to fill land, or the ocean, with great vintage stuff. I want to upcycle, people listen!!


I am counting the days (actually it's about 3 months) until Town Cleanup. And I'm thinking of you! :)

Francie T

What a great idea...resolutions for other peeples...I loooove it ! Gets me right off the hook.
i agree with all you posted .

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