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22 January 2014



These are wonderful! Who knew there was such a variety?!


I used to work at USMCAS El Toro! My badge was plastic though! Your photo items are great! karen....


The yard-longs are so cool, it surprises me they don't sell well. And the boyfriend mirrors are great too!
My husband and I go every so often to the arcade in Manitou Springs and use their old fashion photo booth. My nostalgic heart just loves the result. Makes me feel like we time traveled or something. : )

Linda @ A La Carte

What a fun collection. I did know about your long photo obsession, but not the rest! Love the boyfriend lockets!


Uhhhhh wait, you have trouble selling yardlongs? I CAN FIX THAT. Let me know the next time you find any-- I might not get over to VA often, but yardlongs are worth the trip!


This post made me laugh out loud. Especially the snubbing of cig.butts...You are too funny!


Oh wow, I thought those employee badge photos were mugshots. LOL. Poor Ms Sherwood.


haha ... i also collect employee badges... i just love them !@

Francie T

among my late uncle's things was a ring with a photo of his wife ... I never met her but I love the photo ring and her name ... Ever Lee.
So look in those ring cases, you never know if you will spot one.


My guess is that the ashtray was a Christmas or Mothers' or Fathers' day gift from the cub himself. I once made my dad a fishing hat with cigarette packs glued all around the brim.


Me thinks the ashtray could only be useful to someone with much anger towards their pictured child! hhhaaaa ;-)


awesome idea of employee badge .

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