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09 February 2014



Damn job, bringing you down! Don't they know that there is junk out there to be had?! Ingrates! : )
I'm digging the new arrangement in your booth. So many new little cubbies for treasures.

Carol Faught

The "Rescue Squad" van is the cutest - squeal!! You should definitely put it under glass somehow and keep it. I would guess if ever sold it you would be sorry.

It's been brutally cold here in Oklahoma too, but supposed to get warmer starting tomorrow and in the 60's or even 70's (YESSS!) by next week. January was a pitiful month for me at my mall, but February is a little better so far. What really hurt was that for the store overall, January posted record sales. What's wrong with MY stuff? Waaahhh. I talked to the manager, who is a great gal & "gets it", and she said I'm not doing anything wrong, it's just the nature of the business.

Thanks for letting me vent on your blog! :)

LOVE your posts and pictures.


Love your new mascot. It is Vintage Rescue Squad.

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