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16 February 2014



I have to admit, I love that damn color. It draws me in every time. I see a lot of yellow furniture sell pretty quickly in my antique mall. That and ugly ass boring pine. Colorado thing I guess...


Love the shoe rack. Seems like turquoise is popular too.


I have been a lover of this sage/minty green color for many years. My house is filled with it, and I just purchased a killer table this color with an alligator-crackled finish at an auction this past week for my living room.

I'm not convinced, however, that it's the hottest color going around here (Wisconsin) though. White, black, and neutrals sell really well, but I don't think there is a 'hot' color here currently. Items are very seasonal here. Right now, I'm selling lots of greens (all shades). I sincerely think people are trying to 'will' spring here!

What *isn't* selling...and never has in my experience...pink and blue. You can barely GIVE the items away.

Melissa's Antiques

I want that 18 drawer cabinet!


I so agree!
I go to it like a fly on sugar! I do sell anything turquois-ey easily but the pinks are hard too for me! But whenever I see that green, I grab it! karen...


Like a moth to a flame! The green minty color (or anything green) sells like hotcakes! Can't keep it in the booth. Blue is a close second.


Oh, that green! sure does have popularity.. and sells just as quickly as you've stated! Out here in Bay Area, CA - Goat Hill Fair country - neutrals are still keeing their hold on the market!


that color you love is one of the many versions
of industrial green/blue used in the 1930s &
1940s. It was lead based oil paint and fades
to the dusty green/blues you find on things
from this era. This color was widespread..
paint mixed simply from one primary green tint. Here in seattle I associate it with the "shabby chic" decade 1990s......now people are into mid century modern and industrial and for me, that color has seen its day, been revived ad nauseum and I am happy to love something different. But there are still leagues of people who love the shabby
chic country cottage look and this is the color I associate with that style.

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