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17 October 2008


Lisa B.

Very informative! All I could think of when you were talking about the merits of giving numbers, was that if they didn't...at the sales I go to everyone would pile into the house at once...and then no one would be able to breath...let alone move. Everyone wants to be in with the stuff!!lol.


Your experiences are really similar to mine, even though we're in different regions - so I guess there's sort of a loose estate-sale code. Something happened today I've never seen before - the list "disappeared," and a man in the crowd pointed to a woman and said he had seen her take the list, crumple it up and put it in her pocket!!!!!!! She reached in her pocket and handed it over. I am still irritated they even let her go in. I'm not really sure what she wanted to accomplish - I imagine she figured nobody would see her, and she'd just get in ahead of everybody. She's lucky it was a pretty mellow crowd, or she'd have been lucky to get to her car without injury. A serious, serious violation of estate sale ethics!


Wow - So thorough.. I am impressed! Lots of good info I agree...

Thank you for your time and consideration.. this is great!

Taddie Tales

WOW - thank you so much for this post!!!! I have been thinking about hitting up estate sales lately but didn't even know where to start. Great post!


Loving your series on estate sales, thanks!

I went to a sale this weekend and there was a WWII military uniform for sale. I didn't really look at it (not my area) but I heard later on that it had medals on it in the morning, but someone stole them!

Can you believe that? Everyone was talking about how the thief was going to burn in hell... I guess one can hope!


Took your advice and went to my first estate sale. Good times -- thanks for the encouragement! Check out my rehash of the events ... http://loonyladybug.blogspot.com/2008/10/estate-sale-check.html

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