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19 October 2008


karla nathan

I've enjoyed your series of tips!

Hey, where is your booth at? I visit the area a few times a year and would love to check it out. And will you be at the flea mkt Nov. 1?


Just an additional tip - If you're going to make a bulk offer on something, do it quickly, and then make it known that the stuff is sold. I went to an estate sale about three years ago, walked upstairs and started looking at the clothing in one closet. I made a split second decision, went back downstairs and made an offer on all the clothing in the house. The estate company accepted it, and I ran upstairs and announced very loudly that all the clothing was now sold.

You should have seen the look on one gal's face when she said, "You can't do that!" My answer? "I just did!"

I was glad I had 2 boxes of trash bags in my trunk that day!


Oh, yeah! Girl, you're spot on. I haven't been blog reading in a couple of weeks, but it's funny how we're kinda having the same thoughts lately. Only mine was griping about what people are calling "estate" sales.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage


I hope you are in the mood for a blog award, because you just got one from me! Please visit my blog to see!



girlfriend, I love your true to the heart, lay it all out there, descriptions! xo suzy


I am so glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read your other tips on Estate Sales. I always see a lot of listings for estate sales in DC/VA but not many here in Baltimore. Hmmm, maybe I need to drive south one of these weekends and check out the sales in that area instead!!


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