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15 November 2008



AWESOME finds! I love the portrait of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Since childhood, she's been my favorite. Yes, I have a favorite saint...all good Catholic girls do! Therese was even my confirmation name.

If you get some strange type of creeping crud from mucking around in the dirty barn, I promise I'll send flowers. It's the least I can do after egging you on!

Elizabeth Holcombe

Yay YOU! I adore your finds!~~~XXOO, Beth


oooohhhh, those are great goodies for your new booth! Now, aren't you glad you went? I am. I love that mirror! And congrats on finding more reindeer and that chandelier!


Thanks for braving the "elements" so we could see it! I would have been in HEAVEN digging through the possibilities outside in the barn. :) Thanks for showing your finds.


Just found your blog wow what a great haul I'm officially in love with the suitcase full of ballet shoes :)


Well, nobody else has said it, so I will: TOLD YA SO!!! I love that mirror, and that frame, and those reindeer, and that chandelier...I love it all!! I would feel like I needed to be hosed down after going in that barn! And use a Neti Pot for my sinuses! Yuk!


Thank god you went out there so we don't have to listen to you whine about shoulda, coulda, woulda. :-> I'm just tragically jealous because I went to an estate sale on Friday and it sucked or rather had been sucked clean already by the pickers. Thank you for reporting back to all of us so promptly and thoroughly. I signed on this afternoon and came straight here to find out the poop. I think I'm going to have to come up there just to see your reindeer themed booth.


Well, I think we ALL know you weren't looking for an intervention from a bunch of junking enablers. :) That's like asking a liquor store if you should stop drinking!

I, too, would have been in junking Nirvana digging through an old barn. The more dust and cobwebs, the more exciting to find a diamond in the rough!

And if you die from spores, I will make sure we give you a genuine NOLA Jazz Funeral, 'cuz I know that's what you'd want!


I don't even care! I KNOW I would have found something in that barn! Oh the possibilities! I'm loving that mirror! and that chandy! the suitcase is sweet too! Can't wait to see how you bring it all together in the booth!


Yikes! I too am glad you made the trip. of course I wish there were more pictures of the freaky insides (and/or freaky cats!) but it all sounds VERY insane!


Glad you found some good stuff at the wacky sale. All those cats?? Eek!


Ya know ya just hadda go!

The chair is sweet!

I love old florist baskets too, always grab them when I see them. Will you fill it with old Christmas swag?


I LOVE those sales where it looks like the house/barn hasn't been touched since 1958 and it's absolutely disgusting. Unfortunately there aren't very many of them around here. I'm glad I can live vicariously through your blog!

sue the other vintagesue

oh sue.....be still my beating heart filled with visions of crazy junk!!!!!!! you make me proud to me a marylander by birth and i would have made a junking fool out of myself in those piles of vintage debris!!! what a great post! you make me laugh. good finds!!! hope you are selling everything you find. take care....the other vintagesue.

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