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24 June 2009



set limits and stick to them! have fun! good luck!

Cheryl Schulke

Honey, I think you are restrained so what that makes me, well, I'd rather not go into that. You'll be fine.


From what I hear, Crumpton moves a high volume of stuff in its Wednesday sales. Check to see if they have a preview before the actual bidding starts. If they don't, your risk factor goes exponential. Try not to bid on anything you haven't been within a foot of. Even if it's a great price, if no one else is bidding on it, there could be a good reason why. Maybe there's a big crack that they saw and you didn't. If you keep this in mind, your enthusiasm can't get too out of control! On the other hand, you can probably get some good buys if you have time to look things over.

Go for it! Taking your father is good as long as he doesn't have back problems--he can help you with the labor of moving any high bids!

Debbie York

As a veteran of auctions and the proud owner of a power drill instead of a crazy quilt, be sure of what you are bidding on.
Don't get sucked into the vacuum of the excitement. Set limits(+ and -) and try to stay within them. Preview, preview, preview! Like Jenny said, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a stinker! I'm the proud owner of some of those "great" deals as well. Good luck and Cat Daddy will be so jealous. Have a frito chili pie in his honor!

karla nathan

I love auctions!! I just rarely have the time to sit and wait that long to buy something. I'm an in and out person when shopping. Auctions can take hours.

Get there early enough to have a close look at all the junk, for sure. And take a friend to chat with or a book to read during the long stretches when the boring stuff is up for sale.

And take food. Its usually crappy there. Unless your area has better auction food vendors than we do. You don't want to leave to go get a snack right when something cool comes up to bid on!


Good tips and here is another point: I like to go early to an auction so I can familiarize myself with the auctioneers spiel. That there is a crazy language around here. It does help to spend/invest a few minutes figuring out how it is being done. Have fun and good luck! We want to see that power drill! LOL

pee wee

Suela - having met your father, I'm smiling thinking of the 2 of you at a junque auction!!! Go for it!!!


sounds fun! I think this is where my previous hair stylist used to get all her great stuff! She'd pull her horse trailer and fill er up! Can't wait to see what you get!


I go to an auction almost every week. I enjoy them...and it's cheapo entertainment! Preview is essential, so you don't end up with any 3-legged chests of drawers like I have. But I'm a bottom feeder, so I usually buy things other people are scared of. For instance, Tuesday I bought two bid old cement urns from England. $20 each. One was broken into two pieces, but it fit together fine. As soon as I took them to the shop yesterday, they sold. So there you go. Trust your usual junking instincts. Watch out for that pesky buyer's premium that could add as much as 15% to your bid. Have a blast!! Kristi


Aah, auctions! For years I have kept myself to a $20 (yes, that's two-zero) limit for the day, and that has to include food. Usually, that means $4 for lunch, and $16 for whatever delights I can acquire on the cheap. I concur with all the advice listed above, and would like to add that you should not be seduced by the verbal descriptions of the items. If you can't see it, DON'T bid (unless it goes down to $1 and you can't resist). Also, I have found some of the best deals by spending some time outside at the racks. Around here, that is where tools and farm items are auctioned -- but also bedding/fabric goods, decorations, crafts, Christmas, and random other items are auctioned -- usually by the boxful/lot. I'm often the only woman, surrounded by a sea of men in coveralls -- but I have gotten fantastic deals! Definitely stick to a budget, and decide BEFORE you start bidding how high you are willing to go. Even if it only goes a dollar higher, don't do it! Of course, it helps to have a hard-nosed companion with you who will help you stick to that decision.

You are going to love auctions!

Stacey Newton

Hi Sue-
I would LOVE to go with you to Crumptons with you! I've only been once but found a ton of stuff (and this was before I was a dealer)... Ben and I move on 10th so I was wondering if we could go on the 22nd - Isn't the auction held on Wednesdays?

kat leitch

My first time at Crumpton I was truly scared to bid, but after observing a bit I jumped right in and scored some great stuff. They have such a plethora of stuff, it boggles the mind. What a fun place to go!


I've gone to every kind of auction, from junk to homes (seriously crazy people at these). Preview everything and set a price in your head that you WILL NOT GO OVER.

Best auction purchase, in the late 80's in San Francisco, a dozen circus posters dating from 1890 - 1920 for $50. I gave away the 3 clown ones ('cause they scare me) but I've had the rest hanging in every place I've lived since. Lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!


Sue, remember to call me! I may not be able to accompany you, but have loads to share about Crumpton! Remember you cannot leave anything unattended at this auction. Once you buy it, you need to move it to your vehicle/trailer. Even the Auctioneer warns you of this! How sad is that!?

Take all of the advice to try not and get caught up in the "field of dreams" and/or something that you have not had the chance to really look over. Also, pay attention to who is bidding against you early on...chances are that they will haunt you all day long! Don't get stuck on "not letting that person get another thing that you wanted", or you will end up paying way more than you really wanted, just to WIN one! ha ha

I can usually get there at 8:00 (1 hour early) and get out of there by 12:00 noon....because my vehicle is packed to the gills!

One more note: The "$5 Field" where everything is supposed to begin bidding at $5, has been known to change to the "$10 Field" just because they think the crowd will pay it that day! UGH...sneaky if you ask me, since you don't know until you get there!


Fine Estate Liquidation

Hello Sue,

I am back from a long Blogging Hiatus...lots going on in Estate Sales Land...

As for auctions I love em, I wish I could go to more of them instead of sending so much "Stuff" to them.

I concur with much of what has previously been commented on...I would just like to add...trust your instincts...they are sound.

Oh, and remember your heart rate while bidding...take deep breaths...It is a great ability to know when to bid, and when to not bid...I am sure you will do fine.



you....miss sue...scared of that silly ole auction!!! lord, don't be. it is soooo fun and wild, you will adore it!!! i went when arek was a baby and it was hot and i only had $60. i spent it all, but it took me hours to do it. it was money well spent.

bring a walkie talkie or of course cell phones and stay connected with your dad. split up and you will accomplish more that way.

tip 2.
stay outside and you will find the JUNK. indoors is too expensive. outdoors is better. LOTS of junk. waayy too much and the bidding starts cheap.

tip 3.
be prepared to FIGHT for your pile. it is an aggressive auction, but a very fast paced one so if you miss out on one pile, there will always be the one after that.

tip 4.
be prepared to pay immediately after you win something. just keep money at hand and keep moving from one lot to the next. or if you see something you want several piles away from where the little van thingy is auctioning, have you dad stand guard of your stuff and he can bid for you.

tip 5.
stay the duration and you will get the leavings of other buyers. what the buyer does not want from each lot, they can leave for others to pick thru. i think this was my favorite part!!!! i guess they still do this

tip 6.
be prepared to let stuff go. you will see so many things that you want and other will want them too. you may make a pile and somebody will dig thru it. it won't be yours until you win it, so those others can look thru what you want. i think this was the toughest part for me. it can get really competitive. it's a very territorial sport as you already know.

and tip whatever and the hell i'm on now......
HAVE FUN. you will go back. i would in a heartbeat. bring a van...truck....big auto.....be prepared to get a lot for not much money and remember the most fun is digging thru what other don't want. i got the best stuff that way.

oh....and drink lots of water and wear a hat. it will be hot.

can't wait to see your post after your fun!!!!!!!!! good luck.
p.s.....i'm afraid of standing in line at estate sales. so there.....it stresses me out.
v.sue...the other one


We love auctions and have found that going to the preview is a good idea, but usually something that you missed will come up. Bid with your head not your heart and get and idea of how much you are willing to spend before the bidding gets frenzzied. I also wait and am not usually the first bidder because the auctioner will usually start the bidding at one price and drop it when nobody bids. Also have an auction buddy(it is more fun)

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