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21 June 2009


Lisa Johnson

I've been to or participated in three of the five "occasional sales" you mentioned and I totally agree with you that they should have been included in the article. So glad you think so too. I'll be a first time vendor July 18th at Barn House and can hardly wait. These guys know what they are doing and the amazing thing is that they haven't been doing it very long and have developed a huge following. Would love to see you at one of their sales sometime. Any travel plans to the West Coast?



Love your finds and the picture is awesome!!

Debbie York

This is huge here in Texas with several outstanding dealers hosting these events anywhere to monthly to twice yearly. Shoppers look forward to them as much as Christmas. I'm enclosing a link to the Dallas Morning News article that was written about a few of them. I hope it links...sometimes my fingers just don't work right. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/fes/home/stories/072106dnlivNHG_newdeal.3664066.html
Heck, I did all that typing for nothing...just go to Unique Unique off my favorite links and click onto Marcie's news. She and Mayron have been doing this for several years...in fact Marcie home is empty except for when they are gathering for a sale. Everything is for sale except the bed and her husband. It's always a huge success! Be sure and let Marcie and Judy Hill know what you are planning on doing. Judy's sale are twice a year in her home as well. Huge!!!
I think it is a great idea for those brave enough to give it a go and are not married to their stuff!


you KNOW I'm in! My wheels are spinning and still thinking about this one!


Chartreuse Rocks! I got to their sale slightly before the official opening time on day 1, to find things already well underway. Folks were directed to park in the field next to the house (thank goodness the rain had finally stopped for a day or so!). The place was packed with friendly and enthusiastic shoppers, hunting up a good deal. I came home with a wonderful old framed print of the three graces I have had my eye on forever (sale price finally made it possible to say yes), plus some great vintage fabrics pieces, sheet music, and a wonderful collage from one of the vendors in the hayloft. Love the Lime Kiln Lounge! I saw the set-up up there and thought how cool for the guys (although I must say I haven't seen too many fellows tagging along - seems to be more a girls day out kind of place). I am definately up for the next tag sale in July - maybe I will see you there!


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