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07 October 2009



OH, I so have to watch this! I feel exactly that way about that store. Beautiful, eye candy, but who really wears those clothes? Zooey Deschanel I ain't. I WANT to wear those eclectic outfits, but it just doesn't translate to my body or my checkbook. We don't have a store here in Hampton Roads (I know!) so I'm not tempted or tortured. xo, suzy

Deborah Bonner

What channel? Come on girl, you have to share. Don't make me beg.


Ha! Just read the Salon article. Loved it!


I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan of their displays...and I am still screaming in glee over that fact that here in Portland, one of the display wizards bought some vintage Christmas ornaments for their store window...in MY tiny store!!! I am soooooo happy...the thing is...she was soooo very nice...


OMG. Thank you so much for letting us know about this. I just watched the first 2 episodes On Demand - they are on the Sundance Channel. The first episode takes place in Paris and Provence and is way better than sex (don't tell my husband). The second one (South Africa) is good, but not as good as the first.

I am officially addicted, and will be checking every day to see when the third episode will be On Demand. Thanks, Sue!


What really bugs me about Anthropologie is that they toss all their old visual out in the dumpster instead of re-using, selling or recycling it.

vintagesue the other one

they are all posers and followers and we junkers are the reasons they can pretend to set the trends. it's our dirty little junking secret sue. i will have to check out the show. the rest of the world will soon catch up to us and by then we will have moved onto junking trend that masses won't even know about.
someone needs to send retailers to texas and let the see the real displays...don't you think???
take care.


Oh man...what a great article. So glad my google reader recommended your blog because I'm subscribing.


everyone i know saves and saves and buys as many anthropologie clothes as possible. lots better than the thrift junk that's out there!

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