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04 October 2009



This is a fantastic post! I really love the idea of using magazine cutout to entice and inspire my customers. I am off to sift through my magazines now!


I'm increasingly skeered by how similar we're turning out to be. I'm not much of a holiday person, either. Drives my husband nuts around Christmas time, it's all I can manage to put up a stocking or two. Although I would say that I am religious (Catholic girl here), albeit not in an in-your-face sorta Fundamentalist way. I've loved to decorate with Catholic art and images for years now, but not the schlocky, bad kind. I'm picky.
I've been thinking about putting some of those pics/clippings suggesting out-of-the-box uses for my stuff, like your frame thing. Just basic repurposing 101 stuff for the unimaginative.
I've got loads more booth questions,being a noob and all. After all, it's always cool to learn from semi-legendary bloggers!


Man, if I had any I'd sure share them.

I've found that when I'm strolling through a mall I go into the booths that are nicely staged with interesting looking items or the ones that are a piled up mess of junk. And the junky ones I expect to be cheap. I'm offended when I have to dig and dig and get dirty to find something of interest and have it be a high end price. All the other booths, the ones with the usual stuff or ones with things lined up on shelves, I pass by. I'm not the average shopper, though. I don't guess.

I have customers compliment the way my shop looks. They say I give them ideas of how to use something or how it would look in their house. But I think things can be overstaged, too. The room Tiffany so graciously did for me looks fabulous, but I wonder if it's a little over the top? Maybe people would be afraid of taking something out of the display?

I need a trick for getting customers. Location? out of 5 different malls, I've never had a booth that made a profit. The shop's no different. The internet is a life saver. I know my customers are out there. It's just getting them to find me that's the problem.


Love your spooky Ouija display... Have any sold? I saw one at Cole's in Warrenton for $50. I was shocked. But ... it was still there on the last day, right? So maybe $12 is a more appropriate price range! I've sold LOTS of Halloween this year. I have one more jill o'lantern to drop off today, then I'm calling it quits 'til next year. I'll start putting in Christmas at the end of October. I may be working on another booth expansion...I'm such a space hog. Someone kill me now...


Thanks for the tips. I have wanted to open a booth for awhile now and now that I'm laid off I finaly have the time. I will be refering to your blog for help i'm sure.

Debbie York

I'm too busy knocking back cocktails to worry about merchandising...let the stuff sell itself I say. Actually, I have found, shoppers like piles...the good kind. If I have a display, say with a pile of door knobs, it catches their attention. Anything that sets a booth apart from others is always an advantage and draws me in.
I'd offer up more of my useless information, but right now, I'm just too tired to think!

Susan Broyles

I recently found a print of John and Robert Kennedy. Interested? foundaround@centex.net
Maybe you can make it work up there. Susan


THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! All your advice will be put to good use :)


I'm on blogger & was trying to follow your blog, but don't know how...so I just added your link to my favorites on my blog :)


As always, your great post is telling it like it is!

I found grouping items by color to also be effective. Especially to include the pieces of glassware without having a whole boring section of it!

BTW, at the flea market I used to just put everything out and let people dig, but I think buyers are getting spoiled by the vignettes they are seeing at the antique shops. At my last sale I tried grouping items and sold sooo much more.


My best tips:

Move things around frequently. I try to do it on a small scale weekly - rearranging things to create new juxtapositions and make it seem like there's a lot that is new or different. Every once in a while I'll move a whole piece of shelving.

I put informational cards up for things I have a grouping of - information about why it's collectible, or the history of it, or weird facts. It draws people in and helps them understand they're buying something of quality.

I go back and forth on grouping by color - I sometimes do a big group of color and put a contrasty piece right in the middle, but I also like to group by brand or country of origin.

Oh, I put a big sign up on the back wall that lists some of the things I have in the shop for the people who walk by and dismiss the booth as being "all glass" or whatever.

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