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20 December 2009


Linda @ A La Carte

Best of Luck!!! I will be watching and reading to see how this goes for you. Might be in my future but not at this time. Thanks for all the great info.



These posts were really informative and helpful. Will be referring back to the them often as I too try to navigate the world of Etsy. Thanks so much for all the time you've put into these--your karma is going to go through the roof!


Good luck to you, I have read your blog for a while and love it!! I think your Etsy shop will do great!!


Learn about tagging your items - it is the single most important step! The first few tags determine which category your item goes in - and the categories for vintage are pretty pitiful. Unaltered vintage items the first tag is always vintage, altered vintage items go in handmade, supplies go in supplies first. If you have any troubles just drop me a line!


Mitzis right! I cant believe I forgot to mention that. Ill do a follow-up post....

Sue at Serendipity

Hey, Sue! Be sure to take advantage of Paypal's shipping options for printing postage and the fact that you can ask your carrier to make a pickup at your home if you feel confortable leaving items there. Nice that you have a mailroom and can leave items there for the letter carrier too!

To quote the postage on Etsy, you do have to have an accurate scale and the rate charts From USPS (it's online but I find it just a bit quicker to list for Zone 8 and then refund the difference if customers are closer. (You are East Coast and I am West coast and somewhere up to the middle it does make a difference in the postage!)

(Ex postal clerk here so I have a few hints.) Lots of us are very willing to help-just ask!

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