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19 January 2010


Wanda @ Just Vintage

Oh, Sue. It *is* pretty awesome. I'm like you, though. I don't trust most dealers. Present company excepted. (Is that correct? Excepted? It doesn't sound right.) I'll think if that much money is to be made on it, why don't THEY do it? And when somebody tries to sell me something by telling me how much it's worth and how much you could get on eBay, I tell them to go sell it there themselves. Then they start to stutter and say they don't have the time or know-how. I ain't buyin' it. The item or their excuses. Nope. Not buyin' it. But... I have. Caved. And bought it. I've done well and I've lost. Hope this is a good one for you.


I LOVE that sign! You will make big bucks on it - I just know it.

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