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30 January 2010



Kinda' like the vintage cameras, globes, linens, jewelry...I could go on and on. It always gives me a little giggle when I see the stuff we've all been collecting for years in the high end catalogs and decorating magazines. At last, we're cool! I should feel vindicated, but it just makes me worry that there's now more competition for the good junk!

Zita-Mlle Magpie

Those are fabulous flower frogs you have there Sue! I don't see them often, but regret the one I passed up a couple of months ago in that perfectly shabby green, and banged up just that right amount. I can't believe you found eight in one day!


My favorite frog style is the one you have on the bottom left. Nice collection you have there.


Awesome Sue! I always LOVE them but have yet to buy one! I know, right!!!!! You are light years ahead of those others. :) You rock. Thanks for posting so often.

 Linda @ A La Carte

Oh I love you frogs! I have been wanting some but don't see them at a good price often. I guess I will just keep on looking. I love that THEY are copying US.

Jenny G.

I have about a half dozen of these as well- glad to see I'm not the only one! But now that it's in print, I guess I should say goodbye to the 50 cent and dollar finds. Yet another thing I can tell my boy that I am so ahead of I'm behind on! And the one in the lower left corner is great!

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