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21 February 2010



Congratulations to Amy!!
(And better luck next time for me...)


I went looking at Target and Walmart and didn't find the magazine but then at K-Mart they had it! You might check there, I never would have thought of K-Mart.

Marilyn Hughes

I'm trying to get these in to sell in my Etsy stores. Personally, I lucked up and orderd from an on-line blog just as they arrived at the ladies house. YIPPEEE Should be in any day now.

How do I subscribe to or follow your blog? I can't find a link or email tag anywhere.


Elizabeth Ann

Love your blog! I found FMS at Wal-Mart here in Pelham, AL and there were several copies left. So if any of your followers live in my area there is hope! Niether one of the major bookstores, Barnes & Nobles, and Books A Million were carrying the magazine.

Good Luck


I've tried 4 stores today with no luck (Borders, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Rite Aid & Target -- all near me). I might try out Walmart based upon Elizabeth Ann's suggestion.

Jan LaFollette

I found mine at Safeway, which maybe a West Coast grocery chain, last Thursday. They did a great job. I really enjoyed it but nothing will ever replace ME Home Companion in my heart, I so miss that magazine.


Perhaps I happened to walk in when the new magazines had just been put out, but I found it yesterday at WalMart (I-45N in Spring, Tx..in case you're in the area!). At that time they had about 20 copies. Good luck to everyone looking for it!

RE: Home Companion... I, of course, saved EVERY issue & decided I'll just keep reading the old issues... I have almost every issue from the first til the final. Not as good as looking forward to a new issue, but... I've found between her blog and the old issues I'm able to get my ME 'fix'... ;-)

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

Rock on! Notice that it is 5 days after the announcement that I am finally getting to this. That's how my week has been! Are you sure it wasn't my witty charm that allowed me to win? Hey, if it was a guilt trip over that spilled wine (totally forgot about that!), I'm okay with that, too. Either way, I'm thrilled!! :)

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