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05 February 2010



I'm with you! That circus stuff ROCKS!!!! Love it all, love Lisa Kettell's book on Altered Circus (at least I think that's the title, too lazy to get up and go look :))


I think that vintage circus items are just beginning to have a come-back. Your stuff should sell for a nice price!

I'm so glad that I called about the estate sale that I was going to hit today...I was just about to get on the road & thought "I'd better just check"...yep, postponed!


The cover got my attention. Great props, liked the cabinet/door knobs. The clothes? Are they out of their minds to charge those prices? Why you could get tops like those ruffled ones for $5.00 at Goodwill!
Hope your power stays on all weekend and you have a relaxing time watching FB and doting on Cody and ...just plain relaxing.

Vintage Whimsy

I'm so glad the Lucketts sale has been extended! Hope you & Cody keep warm tonight & tomorrow!


Yep. Thought about you every time the weatherman talked about your Snowpocalypse. And what a chicken little you are about driving in it. Hope you have a good time with sweet Cody in the snow. Happy Dogiversary!


Oh, happy doggie-versary! There truly is nothing better than the love and companionship of a good dog. Hope your power stays on. And if you want to buy a vintage circus game trailer complete with neon signs that say "I Got It!" I know where you can get one. (Not in my driveway, thank God.)


Oooooo! Sounds intriguing. Do you have a photo? Of course, I cannot buy anything that large. Plus, Im regretting the poster enough as is. But Im digging cirucs lately.....


Theresa - Garden Antqs Vintage

You are absolutely right, that's exactly how we view a photo shoot! Always looking at the props first. Hope you stayed warm this weekend.

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