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12 February 2010


arlene, happy to watch Sue exercise from her easy chair while watching the Opening of the Olympics

All right, grrrl, let's see some serious stretching! Now, how about some, I dunno, maybe jumping jacks! *grinning*

Debbie York

Just be careful you don't get the bends from being head down in junk...or worse...shin splints from racing to the nearest thrift store!
What I like usually takes a while to catch on and by that time I'm tired of it....or it's overdone! What's money anyway?

Debbie York

P.S. I meant to add that photo of Debbie's styling is one of my favorites ever...Stairway to Heaven...perfect! Thank goodness I bought most of mine before it got sky high!

Zita-Mlle Magpie

Great post, Sue. I love the idea of junking calisthenics - gotta keep in junking shape (totally agree with the carbo-loading!).


Now is a great time to check eBay for auction deals - there was a listing sale this past Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm sure there are a TON of auctions up that will end on those days next week...


Still on the fence about whether or not it is a good thing that the big guns (Pottery Barn, etc.) are jumping on our bandwagon! Scared they are all going to get the good stuff--or drive it way up! I guess it IS vindicating that we haven't been as crazy as the looks we've gotten through the years!

Junking calisthenics--now that's a class I would take!


I had been collecting vintage suitcases for years. My husband used to roll his eyes when ever I came home with another one. He changed his tune when we moved. Instead of a bazillion cardboard boxes I packed up all my fragile stuff (wrapped in vintage tablecloths instead of packing paper) in those suitcases. They were far easier to handle and absolutely nothing broke. Vintage suitcases from all purchased for under $7 --PRICELESS! So much better than Rubbermaid bins and cardboard boxes.


LOVE your stairway to heaven... Hope y'all melt soon, up there! Lezlee

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