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10 April 2010



Dang girl, you've absolutely cornered the market on old pocket watch parts! I'm loving the black one, middle right, send me a price quote.

Oh, and THANK YOU so much for commenting on my Etsy ambivalence post, if for no other reason than your comment allowed me to catch my missspelling of the word ambivalence! That sorta stuff eeeks me out, I am such a spelling snob.

And everything you said makes sense, I know that based on the traffic my blog gets, I have a ready-made market for my Etsy stuff, something a lot of other sellers don't have. Same for you.

Oh, one more thing, what's MMA???


Linda @ A La Carte

Looks like a very good find. Hope you get a good deal. Love these old pocket watches.

laurie magpie ethel

Greed is good sometimes...hope you score some more pocket watches.


I saw that one advertised & it looked intriguing, but I couldn't make it this morning. I'm glad that you found such great stuff!!

Debbie York

Killer! I love the old watches especially the empty cases. Can a girl get a price on those!


Nothing wrong with a 'little greed' Sue.... :o) !!! GREAT SCORE....!!

Will some of these wind up in the 'alleged Etsy shop'....???

Tamarah :o)


I'm impressed that you can come off of Warrenton and still have energy and funds left to hit an estate sale. You are a true soldier! deb

arlene: who has time on her hands right now

You are incredible, grrrl! What a haul. Orange you glad you don't have to wind all those babies? And that Time Puzzle is sooo cool!

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