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07 April 2010



Oh, that is very tempting. I'll have to see how much spending money I have & then make a decision....


Sorry I can't join you all!! I have been up to Adamstown and Shupps Grove and they are so great! What a great setting to pick through stuff! I still regret not purchasing a piece in Adamstown and that was 10 years ago!! Have a great time!


Curses! I'll be in Yellow Springs,near Dayton that weekend---have to give a speech Friday night. But I checked, and Adamstown is a good 8 hours drive. So close--and yet so far! Guess I'll have to get my junk fix at Scott's in Atlanta this weekend.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Damn, we're going Thursday... are you staying the weekend?


Wish I lived closer! Sounds like a GREAT time! Really nice picture of you Sue! Have a blast!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it.


Oh Sue I have a PAIN in my CHEST....I SO wish I could be there to play....I'm sure you'll both have a ball & you'll get to meet up with some neat folk....!!

Hey I know....Would you be able to do a video blog of the day....I know I'd sure as heck appreciate being able to hear you all....Would kinda feel like I was there...kinda... ** sigh **

Tamarah :o)


I would love to go but I am getting married the next weekend and I will have too much to do. Plus, I am sure I won't have much money to spend.

Kelly Tyree

Bummer, I will miss you! I am going up on Sunday....with my father-in-law's truck...and my husband! I have somehow convinced him to come junkin' with me....will be his first time...oh boy! Besides the big ones, what smaller markets are around on Sundays?

Coddy Eyre


I would love to meet up with you. I will drive up early or the day before depending on my scheudle. Please send details as where to meet and cell phone number.



oh I'd love to go! We finally sold my moms house and I have to drive down there and clean it out/do yardsale stuff that weekend! If something falls through I'd love to go!

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