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09 April 2010



Awww! Sue, a big thanks to you and your sister for visitng with me at my space. It was great meeting you! And what kind thngs you say! I look forward to more visiting next show. ~Mindy


What do you do? Do you bring an empty suitcase to take things home in?

I've always wanted to see the people going to the prom. I've only heard about it.


Awesome! Thanks for posting. :) The fox is kinda creepin' me out, but the key is the nicest of touches. :)

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse



Akkk!!! Overload!!! So much eye candy in one spot. I'm not really sure if I could handle seeing it in person. I'd either be so overcome that I wouldn't buy anything or I'd buy absolutely everything in sight!

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