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24 May 2010



Yayyyy Sue.....It sounds like it was a FAB event....The pics of your table & many Treasures are AWESOME....Here's HOPING you put some dominoes in your Etsy shop.....!!!

Say 'schwing' to Michelle from me....One of my ALL TIME FAVE espressions when discussing all things Vintage.....hahahahaha....!!

CONGRATS to Alexis.....LUCKY BUGGER.... :o) !!!

Tamarah :o)


That's such good news! Go VRS!


Good for you and your sister! Sounds like a fun, profitable and exhausting time.

Donna Goff

Glad to hear that you loved the show and also that is was successful. I had never heard of that event before you mentioned it. Sounds like fun! We'll have to check in to chat about the Treasures on the Turnpike (in Aldie this past weekend) and Lucketts! Crazy busy on Sat, but very soggy on Sunday! I was shopping...not selling :(


Hi Sue,
Congratulations. It's always exciting to see the fruits of your labor reap rewards.

Second Hand Chicks

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

What a great experience! I knew those peeps would go wild for your stuff--like having their own Etsy shop right at their fingertips--much better to be able to fondle those items live and in person! This is the kind of stuff I would always be looking for at my scrapbooking retreats (and only found it in my own stash!)
Congratulations on your big sales and fun weekend!
Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk


I'm so glad it went well for you. There is always that risk that it won't go well, especially when you are doing a new show, that it's great to hear it was a success!

Diane T

the success is well deserved! yahoo for you and sis!

diane t.


Sooooo glad you had a super show! We all deserve one of those once in awhile. Any show where you hear the word frenzy is a keeper!


So glad you had a fabulous show it looks like it was a blast!

Karla Nathan

That is what it is like to vend at Silver Bella too. The excitement is everywhere. And its a joy to see so many people who love the stuff we love.


Woo Hoo! Woot! Huzzah! Hurray! I knew (really-I did) you would shock and awe them! So happy it was even better and bigger than you imagined! Can't wait to hear and see more!

Sweet Pea

congrats on a great show. nothing better in this biz than customers who not only get it but take it home.



linda elsken

I especially like the picture of Michelle sneaking a big smile from behind the fireplace screen. What fun to have your sister there! I'm sure the ride home was filled with lots of stories and ideas for the next show! Great pictures....

Marilyn B. Hughes

WONDERFUL! Congrats on an awesome & profitable sale. Loved reading about it and can hardly wait to read more. I'm so happy for you.

I really do wish we had stuff like that here. I actually call my mom on auction days just to hear the auctioneer in the background and get my "auction fix". She goes to one a week most times and we are friends with the owners of two companies. But again, there is VERY litte paper ephemera to be found here (too poor of an area historically and fires/hurricanes wiped out a LOT).

Now, as soon as you get the paper ephermera up in your Etsy shop, I'm THERE! I've been drooling far too long over your goodies, and since I live in Louisiana and you live wayyyyy up North, this will be my only chance to get some of your wonderful finds.

in the dry, hot South


yeehaw! i'm so glad you had a great show! love the pic of you and your cute sis! and nice neighbors....BONUS!

Angie McMahon

Good girl! Look forward to hearing the rest! Was really great of you to tell us what was really moving.


It was truly the most amazing collection of vendors and cool junk that I have EVER seen, your booth being the highlight of the show. Thanks again for the "backstage" pass and I can't wait till it rolls around again next year.
xo, suzy


your booth looks AMAZING Sue! I love all the old boxes and wire baskets....just love it all! That pocket watch display is AWESOME! So glad you did well! I can't wait to hear more.....especially about meeting local girls from Virginia!


Yea - congrats! Your space looked jam packed and faboo. Love the pic of your sister smiling. You two make a great team!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Congrats, Sue! Sounds like you had a blast, and why not? Crafters and artists are pretty cool people. p.s. get that darn etsy shop up soon, girl!


I knew you would be a total smash.....and I can see the joy in your Sister's face and hear it in your writing. Isn't it wonderful to share these moments with those we love. Sooooo happy for you. Alice


Yea! A huge joyful success! And meeting good people too...a total WIN! Your display looks(ed) amazing and I can see why the participants couldn't stay away. Congrats to you and to Snis.


Oh, wow. I would have gone CRAZY in your booth!


It really is truly wonderful when someone finally GETS you and your stuff! In many respects, I'm still waiting for someone 'round these parts to "get" me!

Looking forward to plundering your Etsy. :-)

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