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07 May 2010



Ha - that photo (with all your keys I presume) is great. Eat your heart out Tiffany!


Wow. I'm with you! I'll stick with my collection that began about 45 years ago when I found my first one as a little girl - inside of an old trunk in an abandoned oceanside shack.

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Glue some rhinestones on those babies and tie a Robin's Egg Blue Ribbon on them and they'll be so much better (and cheaper) than Tiffany's and...if you go to Garage Sales you can sometimes find a Tiffany box, and there you go. Tiffany's, Vintage Style!


Perfect! I like our keys best too! Such a cute post! We are a lot easier to please....

Stacey Newton

Recently saw a bag of these keys go for way too much at an auction- I think everyone is catching on to how cool they really are!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh way rather have a great vintage key then a Tiffany wannabe!


I'm with ya girl, I am seeing a lot of fakes and knock-offs. And if a girl wants bling, just glue on some vintage rhinestone piece and voila', done for under what a burger costs.


Love Keys! The rusty kind, not the diamond kind. :)


A friend of mine gave me a huge box filled with old keys...some very ornate. I thought I was in heaven, as I make jewelry with them. I was on a college campus today and they sold like crazy to some sorority girls whose symbol is a key...CHA-CHING!


I'm with you all, I don't get why anyone would buy anything but a vintage key!


omg!!! I can't believe that. I made some necklaces yesterday with old, rusty skeleton keys. My dd wore hers last night! I haven't photographed them yet... maybe tomorrow. Check my blog next week & see if I have them up yet:



I do have a photo of my keys BEFORE they became necklaces:



I agree! I'd love to have one of those lovely keys you've got there, I never find them!!

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