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19 July 2010



Okay, so I saw the name of your Blog... Vintage Rescue Squad... and I could not resist! *wink* AMAZING name BTW... and I adore your humorous writing style and am currently salivating over your pixs. *smiles* Naturally I'm a fellow Junker and I finally stepped out and started my own Blog... with the help of my Grandkids who are not as Tech challenged as I. It's SO much fun and turned out far better than I expected, given that a 9 year old did most of the work and tutoring *LOL*... guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all! Just don't know how to make it easy to FIND out there in cyberspace... Friends say its the thrill of the hunt on our Junking expeditions that draws them, but they want finding my Blog to be, well, easier! *le sigh* So, any sage advice would be appreciated... if you can find me that is?! My Blog is allegedly at:


Be sure I'll be back to yours and will add it to my favs... Dawn... The Bohemian

arlene;  only 103 degrees today

What a faboo thing....meeting a new/old friend amid such faded treasures. Love the photos of the shop. Looking forward to seeing more photos of that trip.


Oh Sue THANKS SO MUCH for sharing these LOVELY pics....I ADORE Beth & am SO ENVIOUS you got to spend time with her & see her YUMMY shop up close....!!

But I MUST know....What did you actually BUY while you two were out & about.....?????

Tamarah :o)


Mean! That is what you are... mean! All those yummy goodies There and I'm Here with no way to get There and you go post photos of this yumminess... Mean I tell you! *wink & grinning* I only want the windows, and the tulip (I think) print and the child's chair and those rusty iron sconces and all those little tables and that piece of picket fence.... sigh~~ Mean..mean..mean....


I want it all--and I definitely intend to hunt down Beth's shop the next time I'm up Charlotte way!

debbie york

Another thing we have in common...a love of Beth and her style! I'm a huge fan of hers too and am Kermit green that you got to meet her.
P.S. An enormous unit huh?


FROM SUE: I was wondering who would comment on the unit.....

Jul 20, 2010 09:21:57 AM, [email protected] wrote:

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Wow! You stayed in Florence? That's where I grew up!! Love the pictures - can't wait to see more from your trip down south!


Wow! I do have to get to that store! I've been to the Depot at Gibson Mill (coincidentally..my Mom said..I got a place for you to check out today) and found Beth's booth there. And I found Southern Comforts. I mentioned you and Beth to the woman there..she explained how you loaded up your car right before the storm hit!Amazing places!
Still have to hunt down the Sleepy Poet.
Can't wait to see what you found!


Did you take a picture of Spielburgs unit? If not, I will be glad to share!! LOL!

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