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29 November 2010



But hey!!!!
You've got a way fab calendar on the way!!!


Don't despair - it's really easy to renew an expired item! A few clicks, and you'll be back in business.


Oh, my heart just sunk reading that! I can just imagine how sick you must have been...

I hope that Beth is right, and that you can recover them somehow...


I was surprised by this myself, so I went to my expired Etsy listings and didn't see anything on there about a 4-month deadline - in fact, I have one in there that (shame on me!) dates back to 2008. I am simultaneously feeling your pain, hoping there's a fix and experiencing confusion, which is a lot first thing in the AM!

Jan hennings

so true..I signed up for an etsy store and have never put a thing in it...my intentions were good, though :)

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