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07 December 2010



Yeah, I saw that too. I don't know if they did it from their hearts or for good ratings. I hope it was from their hearts. I just like to look as they are looking, all that old stuff they don't even look at...is to die for...


Like Glenda, the cynical part of me wondered if they did the $5000 thing for ratings. However, being decent guys from Iowa-I tend to think they did it because it was the right thing to do. Did you see that theater card cabinet had a price of $350 on it? I think Mike bought it for $50.


Ok, missed last night's segment, but I'll watch it online. in the meantime, I have met Mike--he's a guy who meets his mom for coffee in the morning and has a facebook page for his dog--i think he's a genuine sweetie-pie.


I'm so glad they are back!

I just finished watching it.

LOVED that storage unit in NYC.


OMG! I love that show... I tape it upstairs and didn't even realize that it was a new season starting. I know what I am watching tonight!


I agree on the last bit - brought a tear to my eye when they handed Neal the cash - and the guy giving the estimate on the signs was a hoot (do you think the eye patch was for real?)


Hey Sue, was super excited about season 3 and the opener didn't disappoint.Don't know if you know this, but I'm having a giveaway of season 1 dvd's on my blog. Ends Friday. Happy hunting!



Thought this was a fun episode. And I was dragged to Bushkill as a child! Loved when Frank said Mike was junk drunk (darn, my blog should have been called Drunk with Junk!) but my favorite part was when Mike was eyeballing something right after and said "hold it, love it, caress it..." (or something to that effect) in a low, soft voice, almost as if in a trance. Hysterical!

Into Vintage

Just watched this last night. Like Gina, I was wishing I had come up with 'junk drunk'! I almost keeled over when I saw the size of that storage unit ... at $5,000 a month! I always wonder about what else they buy when at these locations that we don't see on the show. I picture a tractor trailer truck following them around, filled with loot.


@julie...I know Billy and he hurt his eye this summer...so the eye patch was needed but only temporarily...check out there website.www.billysantiques.com and the feature film about this store. www.dirtyoldtownmovie.com


It was SO good to see a new episode!! I just got back from NY & am disappointed I didn't know about Billy's Antiques!! I would have been all over that!!! That storage unit was a dream & wonder how you could walk away without being junk drunk!? When the guys returned to give the $5000, I was in tears! Such nice guys who I really think did it NOT for ratings, but to genuinely help the guy! What goes around comes around! =) Did you see the previews for next week?! Danielle FINALLY goes picking!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!


I have to watch the new show yet and am excited to hear they are taking Danielle along on a pick.
I used to work carnivals and amusement parks so this episode was made for me. Wonder what junkie goodies I still have from "back in the day."

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