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04 December 2010



Tell it, girl! In our neck of the woods, all the snoots who live in the high $ neighborhoods falsely advertise "estate" sales instead of calling it the yard sale that it really is and think they're too good to have!! Ummmm...no. I don't care if you think you live in an estate, if your crap's in the driveway or out in the grass, it's a YARD sale! LOL


uh yeah, two PT Cruisers = two losers. Downsizing their repro bar shakers from Restoration Hardware no doubt.

sweet pea

always good for a laugh when i stop by your blog. i sure hope we can make a meet and greet happen this week! glass of wine in the driveway?



Into Vintage

What's up with these living estate sales? I feel spoofed every time I show up for an entire estate-free-for-all and all I get is a garden variety yard sale. I'll make a mental note regarding the PT Cruisers - you've confirmed my suspicions about those.

Linda @ A La Carte

I am a lover of vintage salt and pepper shakers and you really scored on these! Love them!


Sometimes people use "estate" because it sounds more enticing and then they throw in a few grandma items for us purists. Even if the owner of the estate hasn't passed on, they should at least be packing. I've been to a few of those and they were legit. One time I rushed to a sale advertised "estate" and it turned out to be this older (not ancient) gal's flea market stuff she had left over when she closed her business. For that, I didn't mind dogging her to lower her prices. Then she continued to post her "last chance estate sale" through part of the summer. Ugh.


Exactly what does it mean when there is a PT? I drive a PT (have for 7 years)and ALL of you would LOVE to get your hands on what I have in my house! Really. Not one single owl and not even a hint of orientalia. No unicorns, clowns, jesters, avon bottles, (okay 6 of those but they were my grandmothers and they are in a box in the shed), no key chains, no coffee mugs, just prime stuff! Can't say exactly what or where because someone might be watching. Only Sue has my address and I doubt she'd travel this far to check it out. I LOVE MY P T! It's PURPLE!



FROM SUE: My point about the PT Cruisers was that its highly unlikely that an elderly person who just died has 2 PT Cruisers in their driveway. Show me an ancient big Buick in the driveway, and I know its my kind of sale.


Love all the salt and pepper shakers you found and what a great deal they were! I love the "haven't redecorated since the 40s part!" Exactly!


Word. LOL!

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