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09 December 2010



Happy 600th post!!! Blog about what your family wishes you would shut up about is exactly right! Haha! I love those inspiration photos for the suitcases!


Congrats on your 600th post!
I'm with you on the suitcase love. That wall o' suitcases is giving me ideas...


Suitcases are so versatile, no? Love 'em! And congrats on writing so dang much, on the job and off! he he ~Mindy


I am SO gonna do that suitcase wall. My youngest is MOVING OUT this week and I have a whole room to redo. My only problem would be remembering what is in each one. Maybe I'll draw a diagram/map and list the contents of each one. I'll take a picture when I'm all done and maybe you will post it on your blog. THANKS!


Shabby Vintage Junk

Sue.....Can you here me SQUEALIN' from here....hahahahaha....I ADORE the pic of the ENTIREFREAKINWALL of suitcases....My poor heart is fairly LEAPIN' out of my chest in happiness at the sight of it....hahahahaha....!!!

I think if you DON'T love vintage suitcases you must have rocks in your head....After all....What's NOT to LOVE....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

sweet pea

congrats on your milestone sue!



Lynn Ballard

Hi Sue & congrats on 600 posts. I Want you to know you are a big reason that I have started a blog. In Over Her Head, which is a remark I for sure resemble. I am now on my "Get Ready, Really Ready, Drum Roll Please Ready, BIG BLOG POST # 7, that's RIGHT, #7 BLOG POST.

Just think, all because I lurked on about 5/6 of the best blogs out there. Folks that were willing to share. I know I am kind of all over the board on topic but I will settle down eventually.

Thanks again & If Ya Gets A Chance, Check It Out & Tell Me What Cha Think.


Shabby Vintage Junk

....arggggghhhhhh Sue FORGIVE....I am a SELFISH blogger for sure....BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER....I was at work today when I left my earlier comment & I'm ASHAMED to say I didn't get past the FABULOUS wall of suitcases before I left my excited entry & raced out to grab a bite to eat....!

I made a mental note as I was leaving the office to check your post again when I made it back home....Which I have JUST done to find to read you've reached your 600th post which I am TOTALLY in awe of....CONGRATULATIONS Lovey....I feel like a DRONGO for missing this first time around....You will have to PUNISH me by dragging me all over Round Top in the Spring....hahahahahaha....!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend & PLEASE forgive your SLACK Aussie mate who has just learnt a TIMELY lesson....SLOW THE HELL DOWN....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah xxx


Congratulations and THANKS! I enjoy your blog. I am neither a big junker or a big blog reader; I just enjoy your style and enthusiasm. Oh yes, I can be seduced by certain bits of the past (I've even bought some of those bits from you) but I do not enjoy wading through rusty metal and tupperware on the off chance of finding something good.

I really wanted to comment on blogging. It seems to me that the passion should come first. If there's something you really love of course you need to share and a blog is a terrific way to share with a community who has similar likes. But blogging just to do it? - unless writing is your first love you must have an abundance of free time. I've followed several blogs that dwindled down to the maybe once-a-month posting - and who remembers to even look at them when they never change?

And pictures - I want lots of pictures!

Good advice Sue. And thanks again.

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