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16 January 2011


Janet Pfaff

I thought you were great- very natural and informative..


YOU are such a rockstar! That is too cool.

But maybe even cooler is the fact that you posted three times(?) in ONE day!


Bohemian Valhalla

Congratulations! Though I thoroughly enjoy all of the current Vintiques Shows, I must say that actually BEING the celebrity in those shows must be somewhat nerve racking because who knew the spotlight would shine on these things that many of us have been doing for years and nobody seemed to care or notice until now!?!?!?! Who knows... they may reconsider sometime in the future and you'll be a full blown celeb??! *wink* If so, perhaps I should ask for your autograph NOW... never know how much it will be worth, ya know? Always scheming on the next hot item! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian


I was also contacted to submit an audition demo video for a major network, but I absolutely HATED myself on camera!!!! I found the whole experience very uncomfortable and unnatural. It was great fun to be asked, but I found out I am way happier writing, and firmly planted BEHIND THE SCENES!!!

I really enjoyed seeing yours--you did a great job on it!


How exciting!!! You must have been thrilled.

Thank you for the news about Flea Market Style -- I hadn't heard -- Great news!


Yay! Great videos - and you are wearing my Vintage Geek shirt, how cool is that?!?! You know you are the only one who bought one - it is one of a kind, baby. lol

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Sue, you're awesome!!! Anyways, TV is overrated (we don't even have one!). Plus, now your cover won't be blown when you're at sales and flea markets :)

debbie york

What do they know? I think you would've rocked it!


Harumph...I thought you were great. You spoke well and were funny without being cRaZy. I think what you wore and how you looked were also fine--sort reminded a little of those appraisers they bring into If Walls Could Talk. Scouting NY has some funny stuff about when he was approached by a variety of media and their "vision" for his projects.

Sweet Repose

You go girl...I love it, but when the boys first started, they were rejected many times, it didn't happen overnight for them either, but persistence paid off...but for me I'm afraid I couldn't handle the pressure of being famous...now Scratchy, that's a different story...ha!

Things are really starting to pick up here in Iowa, we've been selling furniture in JANUARY, who da thunk it...but yes, painted furniture and of course the soaps, they never slow down.

I sure hope Lorie and I can start doing shows in the spring, these two Junk Whores are ready to sell our stuff all over the place...be afraid...!!!

Good luck and good to finally put a face and an attitude to all those crazy posts...ha!

Later gal,

alexa lett

I thoroughly enjoyed your audition tapes...their loss! Your new junking adventure is yet to be determined....

Melissa K. in Nebraska

Oh Sue!! That second video was awesome. I'm thinking you need make this a part of your site. Sue's Weekly Vintage Tips... Or monthly or something. I loved it. Doorknobs, hinges and skeleton keys. I'm on it!!

Rachel R

Congratulations Sue on being asked to audition! How great is that? I agree with one of the other readers...you should do "Sue's weekly tip" video for your blog...I'm just glad I finally got to see and hear you...makes your blog a little more personal!


I love all the shows that are on the air now, however, I am starting to see a trend....People selling their items (estate sales) now think their stuff is worth a fortune "cause it's old." I have also seen an increase in attendance to estate auctions, which is driving up the price of the merchandise! This past Saturday was the worst! Hundreds of people at the auction, all pushing and shoving their way to the front---several of us "regulars" noticed the difference. It's getting crazy out there! On the up side, business in my booth is booming! Now if I can still find a way to get the stuff for a good price.....


What era do you consider to be vintique?

laurie magpie ethel

Fun to see you in audition action...I thought you did great! Congrats on being asked to audition, an honor in itself! I hate myself on t.v. I was once on our local morning show doing a craft in my studio. When I watched myself I noticed that I said "yes" a million times and hissed out the word as I said it! Behind the camera for me!


FROM SUE: Hmmm. Basically, I just co-opted Inis word that she uses in our book (and on her blog). Its a marriage between vintage + antique. Personally, I dont want to see anything pre-1950, but thats just me.

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I thought you did great!

Hate to rain on your love parade for American Pickers but they debuted 6 months AFTER Pawn Stars.

linda elsken

I loved seeing you on tape. I thought you did a great job too! You are just as I expected...funny and informative! I too think it would be a good addition to your blog. Weekly or monthly info on whats hot and whats not! Keep on a keepin' on!


The video was great! I'd love to see them as regular features!

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