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18 February 2011



You know.... why don't you place that armoire on top of that dresser and make it one piece. If the armoire has legs, saw them off! Taaaa daaaaaaa instant "interesting" piece of furniture! ;-)Put a tag on it saying it can be used as a: pantry storage for dishes & linens, OR a craft cabinet, OR a bathroom linen cabinet... Or in a babies nursery with hanging clothing on top and folded items in the drawer. Now that would be adorable!! Paint it pink with some roses in those scrolly bits on the doors. I'd look at it for sure! lol


If I were anywhere close I'd be more than happy to take that dresser off of your hands... Right now I'm drawn to "ephemera" (tinies) but an old outdoor, heavy metal glider will give me palpitations every time.


If I bring home one more metal patio chair that my hubby has to sandblast, I think he will divorce me. At least I know an easy and quick way to get a divorce.


Vintage yarnie pattern magazines and stitching paraphernalia were my first obsessions. Then came vintage jewelry - the bigger and gaudier the better. Lamps and light fixtures were next.

The first two don't take too much room, but the third took up an entire basement for a few years ;)


Gateway Drug....Hmmm. Probably old suitcases and traincases. I've acquired so many over the years, that I now have conversations with myself every time I'm faced with purchasing another one. It only comes home with me if I'm willing to let go of a lesser one. Someday (hopefully this year), when I'm a big grrrl like you, Sue, I will rent my own antique booth, and I won't have to have that conversation anymore. :)


Pitchers, little vintage pin trays, letter M, shells, old china, old silverplate, chairs. Thankfully I usually go to the Goodwill with Mom on discount day. She is aware of these "drugs" and can talk me down. Otherwise my home, as she says, "would look like Fibber McGee's closet".


Oh, let's see ephemera (especially advertising), vintage kitchen anything, old dishes (I do not need one more plate!), vintage tablecloths, and old cameras. I could easily get addicted to vintage luggage and metal garden furniture. Almost every day, I drive past a house that has a negelected metal glider and two chairs on the porch. So many times, I've thought of pulling an American Pickers move and just knocking on the door and asking them what they want for it.


The word would be "neglected". Geez.


You say Home for Wayward Vintage, I say Island of Misfit Collectibles. Someone has to love the awesome, but for whatever reason unsellable, items! ;)

My gateway drug was mushrooms, aptly enough. I had a mushroom themed kitchen in my first apartment.

sweet pea

primitives were my foray into the antique/junque biz and while i still mingle the right ones into my look now i have moved away from the look. lovin french farmhouse mixed with industrial these days. and by the by jaithan is HOT.

hugs and see ya soon chick!


FROM SUE: Yes, Maria, you still will. Or at least I do!




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From one garden furniture ho to another~ I just picked up that Flea Market Garden mag tonight at Target you told me about!

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Sue, are you sure you're a garden-furniture ho? I think several of us have that title. That's what help me decide on my blog name "Garden Antqs" because I've always been drawn to anything garden related! Happy Sunday, T


Old board games. I am a graphic designer and the artwork sucks me in everytime!


The gateway-gateway when our daughter was a baby was old children's items, i.e. blocks, pottery, quilts, wall hangings,toys.

Second gateway 15 years later-garden antiques! A new house with a big yard was my excuse. But then we had to landscape with flower beds to make the stuff shine.

As far as my booth goes-anytime I get a jones to do pretty I kind of regret it. Those episodes are infrequent now. Rehab helps ;)


These days I love anything that smacks of "steampunk" decor. Old typewriters, adding machines. I just bought a huge old Toledo scale. I also look for photography related stuff, old photos, photo albums, cameras. White ironstone. Rusty stuff. I want an old dress form in the worst way. I love boxes. Trunks. An easier question to answer would be what DON'T I like.


I know what it WASN'T for me, and that was the twee teacups, etc., which just like you I ended up buying (mostly due to the bad influence of blogs, I think). I think I've managed to offload most of the overly precious stuff and am buying almost nothing that would look good on a grandmother's dresser. (Except for maybe a really great hat stand.) I think I'm rediscovering my farmgirl roots these days and am so yearning for a great, all-day (maybe two day!) farm auction.


It'd chippy red tool boxes for me I think Sue....I mean I LOVE MANY old things but I cannot resist those little red boxes....Funny thing is NO-ONE but me 'gets it' down here....!!

I look at them & think storage....STORAGE....S-T-O-R-A-G-E....But do ya think it's caught on....?? NO it hasn't....Will that stop me from COVETING them....NO IT WON'T....hahahahahaha....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

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