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14 March 2011



This topic could fill a second book for you,no?!

*handmade merch that smells so heavily of smoke you expect it to be nicotine-stained.

*hand-painted signs with misspelled words and/or bad grammar or just plain ugly handwriting (you wouldn't find me freehanding a sign, for instance). My pet peeve right now is a sign that has a tiny pair of converse attached to it. It reads: The Shoes Stops Here (but I guess the upside is "here" instead of "hear"). Egads.


Wow! When I looked at the picture, I thought it was just some stuff that needed to be put away! It's a person's mall space? I kinda think I'd pass it up feeling like I was getting into their not yet put together space.
One thing that I hate, don't know if they can do anything about it, cuz it might be high crime area, but there is a really nice antique mall I love to visit, but the guy there walks past you, and looks, like you're stealing something, at almost every space you stop at! It's hard for me to think that people are stealing THAT much, but every time I've been in there, the same guy, walking the floor, making me feel really creeped and wanting to leave. Probably just me but I hate that!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Holy Cannoli Batgrrrl, is that for real? Good God, I just don't know what planet these people are from. If their displaying/marketing standards are this low, what must their personal life be like? I.don't.wanna.know.....

Pet Peeves.....No effort expended on marketing the item in general, no price, misspellings, excessive dirt, etc.

Nancy No-Blog

A sign in the booth that says "I BREAK, I CRY - YOU BREAK, YOU BUY!". Then you go in and it's so crammed full of stuff you can hardly move without risking something literally jumping off the shelf and breaking. I was once in a mall and picked up a figurine from a shelf only to have the plate behind in slide off onto the floor and break. Someone came running and made me buy it! The dealer had held the plate in place with the figurine and in my opinion that's a booby trap! I won't even set foot in those types of booths anymore.



Heya Sue....!

YEP this one pretty much does it for me....It makes me think, "If you don't care for your stuff why should I....?"

And while I LOVE a good Treasure hunt I don't want to be overwhelmed by MOUNTAINS of stuff I have to dig through....I do enough digging at the flea market....!

Oh yeah & I am SO WITH Maria re the dirt....I don't understand Sellers who don't clean their stuff....!!

Hope you've had a BRILLIANT weekend Lovey....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

PS: Just 5 x sleeps to go....YEEHA....!!!!!


Booths crammed with so many items, it is impossible to enter without knocking something over...I won't bother. Dirty merchandise...ick. And not skeevy, but annoying...sellers that don't know what they have...misidentified items and items identified as vintage that are actually reproductions.


Okay...here ya go:
Number one thing I hate is when dealers have something in their booth that they have specifically chosen to be NOT FOR SALE!
IF baffles me WHY ON EARTH would they want to use a huge old chippy cupboard that is taking up alot of their real estate in the booth and waste it on somthing that will not genrate them any income. Whaaaa!!! Drives me nuts!
Second thing is UNPRICED ITEMS. While this one is more easily rectified, sometimes just with a call to the dealer, it gets annoying when they can't get a hold of the dealer to even ask! UGH!!
Third, is laundry baskets used for display in booths!! LOL! Seriously, take the time to reflect that "IT really is all in the display!" This goes for dudes too.


Honestly, I thought that was a thrift store photo when I first glanced at the photo. Ditto on everything already mentioned, and I'll add faded price tags - so faded you can barely make out the price. Nothing says "This object is so overpriced that it's been here for years" than a faded price tag. (Separate question: Do people actually try to make money when they rent a space, or are they using it for storage? I see so many cases/booths that never seem to change that I have to wonder.)

Elizabeth Holcombe

My biggest pet peeve is a basket or bin full of items in ratty old baggies with faded price tags AND the prices on the tags are insanely high! ie: if a dealer is going to ask $40 or $50 for a piece of costume jewelery it is best not to toss it into a baggie and into a basket with others where it could get chipped or broken. I don't mind small items in baggies and in a basket but the prices shouldn't be stupid if I have to dig.~~~Dealers, respect your merch and display it properly--and, Sue, I KNOW you do that, my friend! Your booths are spectacular!~~~XXOO, Beth


My pet peeve is MESSES. There is an old factory turned antique venue in my town. Presently it houses three separate antique malls. On one end is an extremely neat well-managed mall run buy three extremely kind well-mannered men. HOWEVER, on the other end is an antique mall that in my opinion should be shut down by the fire department for EVERY hazzard known to man. And this one is run by a woman. Some of the booths - if they can be called that - are so jam-packed you couldn't step into them if you wanted to. I do not want to.
I once picked up a magazine from a short stack on the floor and it was encrusted in animal vomit! I am NOT kidding. After that I will only go in if my husband drags me in, which he knows better than to do. He once found a great old dining room set and actually thought I'd be interested in eating off of something that came from that place. Not enough disinfectant in the world...
Struck a nerve on this one!


That is pretty bad! And a PLASTIC laundry basket at that!!! Not even wicker or wood?!?!?
I don't like the dirty things either but my "old man" sometimes puts things out "as found" for extra "atmosphere" I guess, thinking they may want to refinish something themselves. But if it is just dirt, when he is not looking, I swoop in there with the handy hand wipes or orange wipes and try to clean off the dust.
I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if something has not been priced - could be an accident or tag fell off - but I think overcrowded booths and overpriced things with tags that look like they have been written by an illiterate person are pretty bad.

Nancy No-Blog

Okay, I have one more. Items in LOCKED display cases with upside-down, backwards, or just plain "invisible" price tags. The hope that someone will fall in love with an item so much that the price won't matter is crap. Some malls are so big and so busy it takes forever to get someone to unlock a display case so you can see the price I OFTEN just pass those by. Oh, yeah, even one more thing. Shops that don't have consistent hours or that close in the summer for the owner to go on buying trips. These are often storage facilities and the owner shows up when he feels like it. These types need to stick to doing antique shows and flea markets.


Into Vintage

For all the reasons mentioned in the other comments, there are always certain booths in the malls I frequent that I walk right by. As a dealer, wouldn't you do everything possible to get as many customers who are already in the store into your booth? As a customer, what's my incentive to shop in a booth where I'll be expected to pay for something I didn't even touch that ends up broken? If I want to dig through laundry baskets of dirty, smelly stuff, I'll go to the thrift store or the flea market. I have to wonder what kind of sales laundry-basket-guy has each month ... maybe he sells enough that the extra effort isn't worth it to him?

More than one mall I've sold in had strict policies about cleanliness, presentation and types of inventory allowed and the rules were enforced. It helped weed out sellers like laundry-basket-guy and kept the mall at a consistent level of quality.


Laundry-basket-guy consistently has the highest-grossing sales in our mall and some of the nicest stuff. He has a huge space with eclectic, high-end antiques and collectibles that he displays well. The laundry basket is in a smaller space under the staircase and is icky but out of context. He also makes beautiful silver and semi-precious stone jewelry that sells very well.

Lemony Renee'

The only thing that will keep me out of a booth altogether is when it is so crammed there is no room for me to move through with out most certainly breaking something. If I came across a booth like the one pictured, I might dig if I were in the mood for digging, but I would expect the items to be priced right to accommodate my inconvenience.

The NFS stuff drives me nuts. That seller had to move that item into the booth, place it, etc. All that effort just to draw me in to be frustrated? Two NFSs in a row and I leave the booth immediately. I'm not sure what that game is all about, but I don't want to play.


FROM SUE: Wow, you learn something new everyday. I didnt know that the shown booth is a second booth of the guy with the much larger booth (probably the largest booth in the whole mall). Thanks, Snis! Im glad he sells well, but I still cant look at that laundry basket.


Maybe you could leave dude an indiscreet, anonymous laundry basket note...kind of like when people scrawl "Wash Me" on the back of a dirt covered vehicle...too mean?

I get skeeved out when I read a "Smile for the Camera" sign in a booth. Leaves me runnin' scared...


Ooops-meant "discreet"

I also get a little perturbed at permanent booth sale signs, as in a perpetual "25% Off" everything.

Junker Newbie Stephanie

Yikes, I just don't understand people!

I hate it when things are cluttered and you can't even walk in AND I won't go near a booth if I smell even the faintest smell of cigarettes.


Yikes and great comments too.
- Joy


I get the twitches in the booths that look like the owner just came in and dumped everything off and left it where it landed. And left everything dirty and dusty. Or the booths with just one or two things in it, total. I've seen lots of those lately.


bahahahahahahahaha, i really hope he set it here and got busy doing something else and forgot it. sheesh almighty, that is some cee-razy sh*t.

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