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25 November 2011



I always package my items well, but I hoard boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials as I find them. I recycle, recycle, recycle!!! I guess I could say my items are from a smoke free home (since I don't smoke), but I also pick my items from other sources. I have never found it to be a problem and I don't even mention it. Buyers care about one thing----$$$$$$$. The lowest price possible.

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Having been a seller on Etsy for over 3 years now, I've made a lot of changes. At first, I would send convos letting the buyer know the item has shipped. Now, I think it's overkill. They get an email from Paypal plus there's than handy 'shipped' button on the transaction page, which I usually remember to check off, so I figure they know it's in transit. Occasionally, I'll send a convo to an international customer to let them know, since it takes so long for them to get their item.

As for shipping, 99.9% of my packaging is brand new but that's only because I haven't found a reliable source for gathering used packaging. If I had the hook-up and could get my cheap paws on some recycled packaging, I'd so use it. I really don't think the exterior packaging matters too much to buyers, as long as it's wrapped neatly and securely inside.

Even after selling 640+ items, I still find myself reevaluating my methods of shipping, notification, listing, etc. It's definitely an on-going process!!

Ilona Mifflin

I have absolutely no objections to recycled packing materials, but I don't want to open a box and get knocked over by the stench of cigarette smoke or someone's nasty, wet basement. I've had to wash tablecloths three or more times to get rid of the stink. And getting textiles covered with cat hair is flat out repulsive. I don't care where someone found an object as long as it's clean and stink free when it gets to my house. I shop in thrift stores every week, but I would never use or sell those items without washing them first. Lots of sellers on Ebay and Etsy could care less. Please don't be one of them.

Cindy Is Crafty

I had to laugh out loud at your packaging statement! I was reading an item description on Ebay and it said it was created by a certified Reiki (sp) healer and that each item was blessed by her healing hands! Oh puhleez!

Packaging is very important to me. I have bought many items that were not packed properly and thus incurred some minor damage. I do like that when I buy a handmade item on Etsy that it is "wrapped". It is one of the niceties I really like. As an Ebay seller I pack my sales overly so. I want to be sure it arrives in as listed condition.

Into Vintage

I ship boatloads of stuff (= thousands of items over the years) and I use recycled packaging whenever possible. I'd rather receive a well-wrapped (not broken) item in recycled bubblewrap than something that wasn't wrapped to withstand shipping, even if it's in glitter tissue washed with unicorn tears.

For my handmade items, I do add a little handmade GWP but for the 'found' items I sell, I prefer to keep prices low by using my McBasic packaging.

I also comment on every treasury my items are in and then 'favorite' it so all my peeps in my 'circles' can see it.

I agree with Ilona about the cigarette smells. I've opened a few boxes where I'm pretty sure the seller's last act before taping it up was to exhale into it.

I don't convo when something has shipped unless asked to. The paypal notification seems to be enough along with clicking 'shipped' on the item in my 'sold' list.

Good grief, this is a long comment. I'm cutting myself off now.

karla nathan

I only send the pay pal message when I create a label too. Its annoying for the customer to get an "I received your order" and "your order is shipped" as well as the pay pal note, I think. Plus, who has time?

And I always reuse packaging, including going to local appliance stores to get their large styrofoam pieces to break up and reuse. I never pay for peanuts or bubble wrap, luckily, I've been able to recycle it from others. My friends save all their packaging for me too.

But I do wrap it all up pretty before it goes into the second hand box.


I reuse boxes all the time and often crumple up the school newspaper (I work at a large university) to use as packing material for my hats. I've never had a complaint so my takaway is that as long as it's shipped securely most buyers only care about the item itself. I do try to wrap my handmade stuff before packing it up and I always include a few business cards with a handwritten note of "thanks for shopping" but that's as far as I go.


I always re-use CLEAN boxes, bubble wrap, popcorn and padded envelopes. I have never had a complaint. I have received items in flimsy boxes, dirty bubble wrap or with no wrapping at all. I'm all about the buyer getting the item in the same condition I shipped it out in.

I also always send the buyer a short convo or email to let them know I appreciate their purchase and also hope they return to shop with me again. It only takes a minute, but I know some buyers need you to hold their hand and like all the information.

As for etsy, while I do love it, listing is very time consuming. They REALLY need to get some type of turbo lister-style program to help with uploading. It might be easier for handmade items that are similar, but listing vintage is a hassle.

Melissa's Antiques

I use ONLY recycled materials, except bubble wrap, which I buy in bulk off of amazon (or from walmart ($4 for 30'x12') if I'm in a rush. I include cute little stamped recycle symbol on the outside of my box, just to let them know I'm doing my part. As for the cutesy packaging - only important for those handmade items. Vintage buyers only care if about the price and if the item arrived in one piece.

One thing I can bitch about - I wish their shipping was JUST like ebay's. It would make life a lot easier. Enter the weight in the listing and it automatically calculates for the buyer how much shipping will be.


I just opened my etsy store "The Tarnished Crown" a few months ago. I've found, the more I chat someone up--- the more they buy. I've got 4 people that buy from me weekly :-) Crazy-crazy.

One more "p" for ya.... pfriends lol

Cassie A.

Am immediately racing to your Etsy shop to check out the merch that has been stored in a shaman-blessed room! Want you to know that I howled with laughter! I recently started selling my antiques at a shop in Boulder, CO where we must keep the toilet lid down because "it's just good feng shui". Must begin search for shaman to bless my storage area(s). Love your blog!

Andrea B

I often wonder about allergies and dog hair and whether or not my items are 100% safe since, well, heck, they were made before 1992 and most before 1970 and who knows materials people thought were safe back then?

That being said, as an allergy sufferer myself, I made sure to say that I have a dog in the house, and while I don't let her roll around in the stuff the obvious implication is a stray dog hair may appear. Most of my items are photographs, paper, plastic, or metal, so it wouldn't stick, but just in case it makes it into the packaging, they know it is a possibility if they are severely allergic. That being said, if someone did read about my pooch (or your shaman!) then they'd know to ask for extra care ... or "blessing" ... :)

Good points.

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