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21 December 2011


Into Vintage

Last night I was in bed, wide awake, thinking about things I saw earlier in the evening on my new favorite internet time suck, pinterest.

Wide. Awake.

Etsy has the same effect on me.


Yup! and avoid Pinterest too if you plan on getting to bed before 1 am!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

You are toooo funny Sue!
Thanks for the smiles first thing this morning! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Laura ;)


Which one of these Treasury items is my Christmas gift?


I think we all spend endless hours on the computer! My husband is having his coffe right now and on the interent and here I am reading blogs. We do this every morning and everynight and shhhhh I do it throughout the day too when I don't have work!!

Great treasury by the way!

Melissa's Antiques

I avoid the computer an hour before I go to bed so that etsy, pinterest and ebay don't suck me in.


You are hysterically funny!


ROFL, I've had some great flea market dreams myself. I'm always dissapointed when I wake up.

Have a great Christmas,

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

You are very witty!
I love etsy too and am always trying to think of new key words to search...thanks!

Nell's Vintage House

Ha! I have dreams about etsy and saleing as well :) I then wake up and run to check the computer.

And cool treasury! I love that mugshot picture!


I love junking dreams, until I wake up. Wondering what would happen if you combined Etsy and spicy food before bedtime.


Oh how I love those mug shot posters!!!!


Etsy is as good as Pintrest! I hope to start selling there this year. It's a wonderful place.


i am addicted to this store on Etsy... Great Vintage Sign letters http://www.etsy.com/people/typos

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