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07 April 2012


Laura @ 52 FLEA

Oh wow...awesome!

Cat Geiger

Great pics....don't think I saw anything you took pics of...it's all fabulous! We need to get together at the Fall show for sure.

Shabby Junque Couture

LoVE Retreux's Jewels, I wore them to Prom this year!!

Kim @ vintagepretties

Gorgeous stuff! I can't get over that first photo, with all of the letters. I'm sitting here thinking "where could I use one of those???"

laurie magpie ethel

I had breakfast with Pam the other day and she went on and one about the adventures on her trip and how fun it was to hang out with you. I think a trip to Texas is in my future...just can't resist!



The duck on the red metal chair snapped back an image of my mom having one like this.

*Biting knuckle*

Susan Broyles

Great photos! Andy still can't sleep because of all the inspiration and creativity he sucked up down there! Great meeting you, hope we can meet up again in the fall.

Diane gauthier


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