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31 July 2012



Sounds like a great move! Very exciting!


That's exciting! I can't wait to see pics of your new space!

Donna Goff

Can't wait to hear more about your new location. Sometimes it takes a change to keep it exciting. I will be visiting this Fall for sure!


Sounds like a great move ... and cupcakes next door? Icing on the cake. So to speak.

Elizabeth Holcombe

So thrilled for you! The removal of stress in your life with cutting down your commute to fluff your booth is priceless!~~~XXOO, Beth

debbie york

Talk about a "mother may I" moment! Wow...and double wow.
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for you. Definitely a move up the food chain...and closer to it.
Wish I could be there to help with the move, but just remember when you're toting that bale and lifting that barge...I'm back here cheering you on!
Excitedly yours,


I really think you'd be successful anywhere. And since a commute to Texas might be pushing it, it only makes sense to move closer to home. Sounds like a winning arrangement (for you and them)...if only pie were next door instead of cupcakes!! So happy for you.

Kim @ vintagepretties

That's so exciting! I know just where you mean & that is a great spot. You know that I'll be in there any time that I go to Old Town.


Wow, that is a bold move. Sounds very positive. I'm sure you can get to Old Town from your place without hitting the beltway too. I haven't been to Old Town in ages, sounds like it's time for a visit. Best of luck.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Wow, you just upped your bottom line from the gas you'll save. Awesome!


This is awesome news.... 1 more good reason to visit old town!!! Contrat's!!!

Vicki Potter

Yahoo Sue. Happy for you. And I thought the big news was that you were taking a space at Round Top. Good luck in the new shop, that w/be lot of work moving everything. Good thing there is a wine shop next door. See ya in a couple of weeks at Bouckville.


Yeah Sue! May you do such a good business that you have to go out and find more VRS items to stock up at the store right away. Excellent decision!!

one gal's trash

That's all well and good. Personally, I'm more excited about the hurling baby. ;)

Carol in Tulsa

How wonderful - I'm so happy for you! My booth is about 15-20 minutes away, and I know if it was any farther I'd feel the same way. Especially when it's so bleeping HOT. It's been beastly here in Tulsa, way over 100 for many days now.

My dream is to buy an old building on a main street in some little town, live in it and have a shop that's open maybe 3-4 days a month, one of those "occasional sale" places. Zero commute would be ideal!

May the Lord bless you in your new venture.


Best of luck in your new spot Sue! Sounds like you are making the right decision. Don't forget to take lots of pics :D

Shabby Vintage Junk

Oh YAYYYYYYYYYYY Sue....I think this a WONDERFUL stepping stone for you & our business....!!!

I'll be watching EAGERLY for updates....!!!

GOOD ON YOU....!!!!!

Cheers from OZ,
Tamarah :o)

Shabby Vintage Junk

BUGGER.....YOUR....YOUR....YOUR business....sheesh....!!!!!

Into Vintage

Congrats, Sue!! You can spend the gas money you save on more junk! Is there a door that connects your shop to the wine shop? Just sayin'...

BTW - as you might recall, I'm one of those people you encouraged to get over it and make the hour long drive to the mall where I'm selling and I couldn't be happier. It's the perfect place for me to be. Thanks for the gentle push. xo


Sounds like an excellent move. Sometimes a fresh attitude refreshes a business, too. Can't wait to see the new boutique-style shop.


THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT! You're hip so why not by be where all the hipsters are!! LOL! They are going to love your stuff. Good move Sue! Can't wait to see it all.


Suela!!! I'm finally catching up on my blogs. Been so busy that I missed the big announcement, but I'm thrilled for you. First, you recognized that you had a problem, analyzed it and wow, the solution just presented itself. Ain't life grand when that happens??

You go Grrl!!!

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