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13 August 2012



Oh man, you did great!!!! Love the old license plates and roller tables.


All in favor of you buying farm related junk! The poultry display is fabulous, but you know that.

Melissa's Antiques

Great haul! I only do yard sales once a year too, because they are such a pain!


What a great haul!! And I could have made it this year - usually I have a dog show or a family reunion!! I can't believe I forgot it - oh, well, more for you.

Coming to Hillsville??

Into Vintage

So funny that you're looking for farm junk when some days I feel like that's all I see out here in the country. That and piles of kids clothes and abandoned plastic toys -- those seem to be universal.

I've never come across a 50 cent camera and that coke crate table -- *awesome*!! I wanna go next year!!


Wow, wow, wow!! So much great stuff. I hate yard sales, too. So much effort for so little reward, but if they were all in one spot like this, I'd make the sacrifice.

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