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07 September 2012



I have an etsy "boutique".... (TheTarnishedCrown.etsy.com) I too find that listing is a total pain in the butt. I think they should have a "click here" button if all the info is the same---- the second thing I find hard is keeping it interesting--- for me! I get bored easily lol I would like to sell more "vintage" things as it really does pull in people to my etsy site.... I see other people selling things similar to the things I sell... and they get 3x's as much money for the very same things. I think thats the most confusing part..... it just seems all over the place :-)


I love Etsy and it's been a great experience over this past year. My biggest problem is deciding what to list on Etsy and what to just take along to my antique shows. It's so easy to just put it out in the booth instead of going through the routine of picture taking and listing. Still promising myself to get more on the shelves.
Keep those calendars coming, I love them!

Shabby Vintage Junk

O.M.G SUE....I can't believe you Etsy shop is almost 3 years old & you're just shy of 500 sales....Remember way back when you ALWAYS referred to it as your "alleged Etsy Shop"....Seems like a lifetime ago....!!


Tamarah :o)


My lydiaspost shop just opened this summer. It's fun but sales are few so far. Hopefully that will change over time. My problem is where to store stuff in a small home! Good luck to your shop! Enjoy your blog too!


I was thinking about the 'alleged Etsy shop,' too! Photos are the hardest part for me. But I think the more I do it, the more efficient I get ... and I've stopped listing every piddly little thing I might be able to sell unless I've got multiples of it.


I've gotten pretty good at the photos and the listing but I admit the whole SEO thing in regards to Etsy and the way they use it has me COMPLETELY confused. Any tips appreciated. And congrats on hitting 500!


For me it's the shipping that is difficult...I have the booth, the job, need to shop and of course the family and one more errand sometimes feels like too much. I have sold on both ebay and etsy and far prefer etsy. I am "reviving" my shop soon because I would like the extra income and love that it is so easy to start up again!
I would love any tips that you plan on posting! karen...


Congratulations on 500! I work full time, as well, and keep wondering if I would be better off just getting a space in an antique mall so I wouldn't have to do the list. Listing is by far the most time consuming for me. The up side to Etsy is that if I get really busy at work I can just ignor it for a while and no harm other than the drop in sales. A space (with rent!) is a different story.


I've been thinking about opening a shop and am looking forward to any advice you or the other blog ladies and guys have. My concern is the shipping part. Does anyone have any make it easier and safer (for the item) tips?


Congrats on the 500. Can't wait to read your tips.


My vintage etsy shop is merrysunshine.etsy.com. I absolutely love etsy and the wide audience of buyers it offers. When I devote the time, my sales reflect it.

What I absolutely HATE about etsy is their tagging/search engine thing. Trying to think up all the words someone would search for my item under makes me crazy. I also wish they would get some kind of listing program (similar to turbo lister or auctiva) so I can create and upload my listings easier. Their listing page is so time consuming.

I think it is a great deal, especially with no strings attached. You pay as you go and can quit anytime with no additional fees.

Into Vintage

I love etsy as well, with 2 shops for 5 years. I appreciate that everyone's listings look the same, no fancy html or paying extra for additional photos -- it's a much more afforable and level playing field than some of the other online selling sites, in my opinion.

I agree with other comments regarding etsy's use of 'relevancy' (tags). If you look at the conversations happening most any time in their help forums, it seems to be a top complaint for many sellers. I also wish they would prioritize adding a shipping calculator to their site so I don't have to spend time refunding shipping overages on combined orders.

I definitely love it though, despite my little gripes. The handmade/vintage/supplies theme attracts the kind of buyers I'm looking for.


Congrats on your milestone, I'm one sale shy of 400 myself! I just passed the 1 year mark & the hardest part for me is juggling all of the social networking & self-promotion with everything else ... blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc can take up a lot of time on top of the cleaning, photographing, research, listing, etc. I never thought I would be so busy, but I never thought I'd be enjoying it this much either!

Melissa's Antiques

Congrats on the milestone! I'm with ya on the listing part. It's rather time consuming and hard to find time to do it. I acually enjoy the cleaning up and picture taking process, because it's like rediscovering all the junk you've bought. Its hard for me to decide too if I should sell an item on Etsy or Ebay.


I'm pretty much the same way. I don't like taking the photos and I don't like doing the listing, but I do all right on there when I put my time in. I'm also kind of picky about what I list. If it's too big to fit in the largest free priority mail box I can get from the USPS, then I probably won't list it! I'm way too lazy to go hunting down packing boxes.

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