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07 January 2013



Absolutely fabulous! and, yes, I would have bought them all!!


Good gravy those are awesome! I would have bought them all too! Your sister is a great scout!


Nice...always listen to your sister when she says go. LOL


Capital A Adorable.


Wow wow wow!


Love them. Are any going in your Etsy Store?......Hint hint would love to buy some.


FROM SUE: Yep, theyll be in the etsy store in a week or so!

debbie york

As if! Totally!!!


I am fairly swooning. Not only would I have bought them all, I would have a hard time parting with a single one of them!


Oh my gosh, I just bought the exact same set this weekend in east Texas! Same orangey fronts and everything. Sadly, the bottom row of mine is all rusty and I'm afraid I'll destroy the drawers trying to get them open. Such a shame, as that's where all the weight seems to be. Stacks of gold coins, no doubt.


That is an amazing find. Your sister was great in finding the drawers. So many uses. Thanks for sharing


Perfect. I would have done exactly the same thing!


Very cool! Love rustic items!

Catherine at Vintage Frills

These are AMAZING! What a great find! :-)

Kristi Day

You've struck gold (or rust) once again! And here I was feeling all smug for scoring 25 non-matching sewing machine drawers. Once again, I'm bowing down to your greatness... and your sister's too! AWESOME!

Bohemian Valhalla

High Five on the Hardware Bins and of coarse I would have bought them all! My Friend Geno recently gave me a heads-up on an Amazing 'Score' that he didn't have room for, I Love it when Pickin' Partners graciously Share Info and keep their eyes peeled for the Stuff of our Dreams as well.

Dawn... The Bohemian

The Junk Drunk

What a great blog and a wonderful post. We've been passing the winter with a little Armchair Junking.

EDITED: Since you posted the same comment on two posts, and 2 links to your own blogposts, I've removed the second instance.

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