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04 May 2013



Ah Sue, I'm sorry it wasn't as good as years' past! Maybe I'll actually try to get to Lucketts this year! =)

Kim @ Vintage Pretties

Just looking at the pictures, I thought "I bet she had nothing left -- its all good stuff!" What a bummer that it didn't sell.

I'll see you at Lucketts -- a few of us are coming out on Sunday for a girls vintage day.


It's funny you post this. I just helped a friend with a local art retreat and we had the same experience!
The difference this year was that we weren't actually in the same room as the bar! Last year the students could eat, drink and shop in the same room. This year they had to walk to the other end of the hotel for the bar. They came 15 minutes late, shopped for about an hour and that was it! My friend didn't even make 1/3 of last years sales!
I love what you brought! It will definitely sell at Lucketts! karen....

Anne Lorys

Yay, you! Your booth would always be the first one I'd hit up, anytime, anywhere. XO


Sue, it was the same for me. I shave been attending Art and Soul VA for at least 7 years and this was the first year that sales were way down. I actually gave everything away as I probably met only my expenses for the booth fee, travel, hotel nights, and food. But, it is always good to see old friends! I will look for your booth at Lucketts. I really enjoy shopping at that event. There is always great stuff.


Wow guys -- this really is upsetting. You both always have such amazing "stuff". So to hear that sales were down is depressing. Does this mean that everyone has enough stuff??? NOT possible. So we need to make some adjustments. I would love to have you email me personally to discuss the future. thanks so much for being a part of the event in Virginia Beach!


I have a questions about that tiered metal thing in one picture: what was that used for originally? I see them all the time, but never know!


FROM SUE: That is a repro item that a friend asked my sister to sell. I'm not 100% sure, but it looks to me like a mini version of the hardware bins that used to be in hardware stores (for nails, screws, etc.).

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